Is PHP Dead? No! At Least Not According to PHP Usage Statistics

Does it really speaks on its own that hosting providers, including Kinsta, remove headers that identify PHP servers?I’s apparent that over 75% of the internet is insecure just for the very fact of using PHP. So the question is not ‘is PHP dead’ but ‘please, turn surgical procedure off, bring to a halt this tubes and let the patient rest in peace’. PHP just isn’t secure by desigh, because author of PHP invnted PHP language sometimes, it is actual a scripting extensions over OS API, so it isn’t designed with defense in mind, absolutely. This differs new wave of languages like .

NET Core and Java, which really designed with protection concerns, so yes, they are challenging to master, difficult to help, difficult to expand, but, by design, are safer to use in server side development compared to PHP and sometimes even faster, more performant and flexible than PHP. I don’t get your abstract. At the end if all the big web page developers change from php to something else those 80% might be dismemberd. A lot of non programmers use wordpress, joomla and drupal but don’t know what’s happening in the history. as soon as they update to a version withouth php it can be over.

This step could take 25years or 5years too. Just a question of how fast those big players will switch.