Is MacKeeper Really A Scam? Cult of Mac

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Also, as a normal rule look at some of the other businesses who are in the company of Mac defense and notice the quest consequences for instance if you search Google for norton+mac+sucks you gets about 18,700,000 results… We know that Norton is not a bad company, right?You won’t like them or their merchandise but you know they are not scammers and their software is not malware, however the web is loaded with hundreds of results saying the contrary. The effects are the virtually the same for almost every industry most suitable program that offers Mac Security. I individually trust it is simply the nature of the enterprise in the age of “Internet Trolling” and it is really easy for anyone with an excessive amount of time on their hands to trash agencies or items online anonymously and with out repercussions. We have 150 personnel and really do care about the products we make and the people who use them.

You can see some of our real clients and industry specialists talking about MacKeeper on our YouTube Channel here. These guys were running Google ads saying we were scammers promoting malware and the rest bad that they could create, we got those ads suspended for violating Google’s ad terms and the fine folks at Google 100% proven exactly who was the competitor running them against us. So, what this did was trigger a form of “Band Wagon Effect” of others who were like “Yea we hate them”. They basically hired people of their office who used forum spam, link spam, blogs and paid articles to slander us in ways we are still feeling a year later. As mentioned in the item in preference to losing our time and effort doing an analogous back to them, we have decided to focus only on making our product better and hearing our real users. We think that focusing on our products and service in preference to forum trolls, is an improved business model in the end.

Legitimate Mac Users who’re irritated or bored with our advertising campaigns or partner’s campaigns. Do we promote?Yes!Do we promote aggressively, I would not like to use that term but we do have a large promoting presence online!We have had 15,000,000 downloads of MacKeeper and have a under 3% refund rate. The truth is that many of us are truly pleased with the product even supposing they hate the advertising and regrettably some do. The bad part is a few people take their hatred for advertising to a degree where they commit hours of their lives to creating MacKeeper a “Forum Punching Bag”… In a perfect world there would be no advertisements on radio, TV, billboards or the web, but here’s not a reality. As long as there are ads, there might be individuals who hate them.

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