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Last month, the President signed Executive Order No. 1 of 2018 on the Organisation of Government which, inter alia, assigned applications and establishments among Ministries and State Departments. One exciting new change in the structure of the Government is that Kenya Film Classification Board KFCB and Kenya Film Commission KFC at the moment are listed under the State Department for Broadcasting and Telecommunications in the ICT Ministry. In addition the Ministry’s purposes now contains overall responsibility for guidelines on film advancement in Kenya and the development of the nation’s film industry. This may all appear like a mundane bureaucratic detail but basically it may represent a primary shift in Kenya’s approach to the advancement of the artistic economic climate and the important contribution of the film industry.

But like every good story, there is a plot twist: the only thing that KFCB and KFC seem to agree on is they are at an advantage separate than together. Lately, the two lead film agencies were at loggerheads see videos here and here over how best the film industry might be regulated for the advancement of this vital pillar of the inventive and cultural industries. Under the brand new architecture, the Creative Commons Global Network CCGN co ordinates and provides leadership in the worldwide CC stream. The Global Network Council GNC is the governing and resolution making body of the CCGN. It consists of elected representatives of all CC Country Chapters and representatives from CC HQ.

CC Chapters function the critical coordinators of the work of the people and institutions participating within a country in support of the CCGN. As such, all those drawn to fitting individuals of CC must check in here either as Network Members or Network Partners for Institutions and belong to a Country Chapter. The these days formed Inter Agency Anti Illicit Trade clique sounds find it irresistible could have been a WhatsApp group. In last Friday’s Kenya Gazette, the Minister at the time introduced the establishment and appointment of both an Inter Agency Anti Illicit Trade Executive Forum 23 individuals in total and an Inter Agency Anti Illicit Trade Technical Working Group 24 members in total. The Executive Forum and Technical Working Group are apparently expected to carry on the President’s Big 4 Agenda pillar of enhancing manufacturing so that the arena contributes 15% to the country’s Gross Domestic Product GDP from 9. 2% in 2016.

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