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WordPress said, “We’ve resisted promoting so far because most of it we had seen wasn’t terribly tasteful, and it gave the look of Google’s AdSense was the state of the art, which was sad. ”Well, if you conception AdSense by google was so “sad” why do you set it on all of your wordpress blogs, including mine, until I paid you $30 a year for no ads?Don’t get me wrong, I love my wordpress blog. However, to say you’ve “resisted advertising so far” is a total falsehood!You put AdSense by Google on every post I had until I by chance found out about by unfollowing my own blog. Some other bloggers might do that and be greatly surprised like I was. That is if this post gets posted!William G.

FosterJon, I applaud you on your awareness to the need for higher first-class alternatives for bloggers. I am completely onboard with what you said in the intro about WordPress users deserving something greater than the status quo. Thank you for acknowledging that. I checked out the data request for the wordAds interest “survey” and I wonder, is that truly all you want to find out about your consumers?There really weren’t enough categories to describe what my blog is set. I could only choose two and people really didn’t cover books, authors, self publishing or any number of classes that I would have chosen.

I fully intend to market my book, Summoning The Strength, all the way to the NY Times best seller list. I am excited about having a accomplice like WordPress to aid me reach that goal. I have spent 25 years in CRM and satisfactory control for a considerable number of industries, there’s not anything more pleasurable than a provider issuer that recognizes its customers are not in the HTML company but in an business to explicit themselves without the hassles of having to worry about spam and technical nightmares. What a fantastic platform you’ve got constructed. I am able to move to a higher level with my advertising strategy and hope to continue to see the maximum and best choices from WordPress.

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