Internet Marketing Efficiency

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Internet Marketing Efficiency

Internet Marketing Efficiency

Internet Marketing Efficiency

The internet has the potential to market your company’s brand to make it big. Building and maintaining your business brand online at the same time, is increasingly easy to apply today.

But surely competition becomes an obstacle in every market competition. Especially with the density of information circulating on the internet, people now have control over what they see.

An example of information distribution over the internet that is highly structured, is Google AdSense advertising, which is very subjective in targeting advertisements directly on the product market itself, but in fact I think the results tend to be the same.

On the other hand, marketing products and services online directly to potential consumers is becoming increasingly difficult, especially the strict SEO rules and new regulations in Google Policy that require us to advertise on Google Adsense if you really want to be displayed on the first page of search engines.

Especially if our website does not have a lot of content because of company policy in limiting content space to the public.

For example websites that use blogs to support websites, please check out the NEWS page of the Fibo Group Indonesia website.

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I am not explaining what media are suitable for use, but what I will describe more to the plans and targets in financial efficiency in online marketing.

Target a Specific Market

Your marketing strategy will never work if you don’t choose the right market. For this reason, before carrying out a marketing strategy, determine your target market first.

There are times when we have to pay a third party to determine the right keywords and targets.

However, actually it is not difficult. If you really know your product, you are certainly able to determine your own target market, even before your business plan is made.

Examples of questions that might arise are:

  • Who is most interested in your products and services?
  • Male or female?
  • What age range are they in?
  • How is their financial condition?
  • And others.

After you get a specific profile from your customers, determine how and where you can find them.

Yes, this process takes time. Sometimes you will find the right pattern after an annual measure in your website marketing process.

But the faster, the better. Do not let your money go out to potential customers who are not in the market specifications that you specify previously.

Determine Your Achievement

Determine what you want from this online marketing process.

Increased company turnover? Or is enough of your product or service recognizable to the public?

Even though you may have several desired targets, continue to monitor your targets so you can measure your success.

When you reach your initial target, for example, create a new target so your company can continue to grow.

Market Company Name

Raise the value of the company, leave your competitors.

Psychologically, a well-known company brand will be more trusted and have a higher selling value than less recognizable products.

There are thousands of companies that want to sell their products on the internet. And you have to be able to make your brand hard to forget.

Of course this is not an easy matter.

But there are a number of ways, such as in choosing your website domain name, choose one that is truly your company’s name if you can.

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Even you have to think again if there is a domain name that is similar to the domain you chose, especially if the domain is your competitor.

How do you want your brand to appear in the eyes of your customers, it all comes back to you. However, when you find an effective way over time, keep the method.

Having a professional website and extensive social media network will really help you.

But you also have to continue to market your products and services to potential customers who haven’t even heard of your company’s name.

Marketing in this way is very manual so it does not require significant costs.

Search Engine Optimization

As I explained earlier, Google’s policies on the one hand create healthy competition, but will have a detrimental impact on websites that do not have large content due to company policy.

But if you don’t have this obstacle, search engine optimization through on-site and off-site will greatly affect the traffic to your website.

Surely you want your company to appear on the first page of a search engine?

Same, me too