Interested in advertising? Get to know the type of ad suitable for your business

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Interested in advertising Get to know the type of ad suitable for your business

Interested in advertising? Get to know the type of ad suitable for your business

Interested in advertising Get to know the type of ad suitable for your business

Ads are a form of promotion used to introduce the superiority of the product or service that you offer to the general public. For those of you business owners, allocating a budget for advertising can have a significant impact on sales. But of course, choosing a suitable type of ad also needs to be considered.

At present, advertisements have had various very creative forms with diverse delivery media. You can choose the most suitable business owned, of course by considering the advantages and disadvantages of each. The following types of ads based on marketing media are suitable for your business.

Outdoor media

Have you ever been stuck in traffic long enough and feel bored? When it’s usually you will usually start circulating the view around. Then your eyes are crushed on an ad image that looks attractive from a product that is displayed in big billboards.

That’s roughly how to hook consumers from outdoor advertising media. Many people pass on the streets are target markets from advertisements. Suitable for those of you who are starting to open new businesses to better known local residents. But you also need to prepare enough budget to rent billboards or print banners.

Electronic media

Installing advertisements in electronic media such as television or radio can be a powerful way to introduce products to a wide audience. The advantages of electronic media are attractive ad forms with audio and or video. Ads are also made repetitive so that they can affect the curiosity of the target ad.

If you have a national scale business and intend to market new products, electronic media can bridge that desire. Don’t forget to take into account the budget to be spent on advertising in electronic media.

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Print media

Although it has begun to be abandoned, advertising in print media such as newspapers or magazines is still an alternative because the price is more affordable. There are still corners of the city that rely on newspapers, especially on a local scale as a source of information. You can advertise in several lines, columns, or more interesting images.

This type of ad is suitable for those of you who are starting to pioneer efforts and want to expand the customer’s reach. You can also create advertisements in the form of catalogs and place them in public places affordable by target consumer products.

Social media

One of the media that is trending to advertise today is social media. Besides being cheap because it only requires internet quota, advertising reach can also be very broad. Some often used social media are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Before installing ads on social media, you need to recognize the characteristics of the audience from each social media so that the ad can be effective. Not to mention the competition of products on social media is very strict, you must continue to hone creativity so that consumers can be interested in the products offered. If you want more focused ads on the target, you can also choose the type of paid ad.

Internet media

In addition to social media, the internet has now been glimpsed as an effective advertising media. People now prefer to search through search engines like Google to buy something. This opportunity is utilized into a type of Google Ads ads to attract consumers. In addition to search engines, advertisements like Google ADS can also be embedded on blogs and certain sites.

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Those types of ads are suitable for your business. Choose wisely according to the need for your products and services to be more recognized by consumers. Record each advertising expenditure carefully, because usually expenditure for advertising is a considerable expenditure and routinely done at a certain time interval.

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