Interested in advertising? Find out more advertising functions for your business

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Interested in advertising? Find out more advertising functions for your business

Interested in advertising Find out more advertising functions for your business

Ads are the most widely found marketing media in everyday life. This is because advertising is considered to have the most complete function as one of the marketing media. Therefore for those who are curious, this time will be discussed in full starting from the sense of advertising until the ad function is rarely known. The following is the discussion.

What is an advertisement

Advertising is an example of open marketing communication that uses non-personal messages and is sponsored openly to promote or sell products, services, or ideas.

Sponsors of advertising are usually businesses who want to promote their products or services. That way the sponsor hopes to get reciprocity in the form of consumer interest in its products.

Ad type

The type of ad is actually a lot, but the community only knows the type of commercial advertising. Even though the type of ad is divided again based on the type, media, and also the purpose of the ad. Like the type of advertising based on the contents, namely there is a notification, community service, and offers. Everything has been often found, but a little realized.

In addition to its contents, the type of advertising can also be distinguished based on marketing media. Broadly speaking marketing media is divided into offline and also online. When using offline media, you can use pamphlet brochures and so on. When using online can be with digital media. Then based on the objectives divided into two namely commercial and non-commercial.

Advertising function

The last discussion is the ad function itself. As mentioned earlier that many functions from one of these marketing media are rarely realized. Therefore this time will be discussed completely what the function of the ad is as below.

1. As an effective marketing tool

First of course as an effective marketing tool. Where the user and target consumers can immediately know the product, service, or ideas that they want to offer at that time.

Especially now digital times, where all can be real time. So that all the ads that want to be delivered can reach the consumers at that time and the reach is also very broad there is no limit to space.

2. Information gift tool

It cannot be denied that through an advertisement aired in any media, of course consumers can get information. The information delivered in the form of services and products to be offered by the company. Through these advertisements it is expected that the information you want to deliver in the form of offers can reach the community as expected.

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3. As a means of entertainment

An advertisement, want to be aired in any media, of course you have to have entertaining properties. Therefore, to be able to achieve the ad function, the company must determine the best advertising concept. It is expected that people feel comforted and from the feeling of entertaining it arises an action that has a good influence on the wishes of the company.

4. Economic and social function

Ads will provide economic benefits on various parties, namely the producers whose sales will always increase and the consumers who can find out what products are updated. Then social function will be obtained from advertisements that are community services with noble intentions. Like social assistance, or campaign for a positive movement.

5. Communication Connector Tool

There are so many information that can be obtained from an ad. This is evidence that advertising serves as a communication tool that bridges between producers and consumers. Manufacturers as the authorship informs the desired thing, and consumers receive the information. That’s where the communication process occurs.

6. Advertising protects the interests of producers

Through advertising, public recognition and acceptance are guaranteed and therefore good intentions from the manufacturer are established from time to time and there is a kind of insurance obtained. This makes the manufacturer feel more confident and independent on consumers starting from wholesalers and retailers. It also protects manufacturers from acute competition.

7. Increase the use of per capita

Ads are not realized tend to increase the use of per capita commodities by repeating product features and its use continuously within an unspecified period of time.


Ads are effectively used to increase per capita consumption by describing new use that may never think of general users and ordinary consumers. This is a marketing strategy.

8. Help the dealer to liquidate stock

Advertising not only helps manufacturers or advertisers, but also helps dealers (wholesalers and retailers) to sell advertised goods. Thus, wholesalers and retailers can sell well, fast and smoothly. Thus generating higher profits. This is all possible because of an effective ad.

9. Eliminate seasonal fluctuations

One of the main functions of the ad is to eliminate or reduce seasonal fluctuations for seasonal products by explaining various uses during the different season than the main season.

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For example, with advertisements, the use of refrigerators throughout the season even in winter even though it remains useful and this is often conveyed to convince the public.

10. Help someone compare quality

Ads bring good intentions for producers and consumers. If a producer has been recognized because it removes quality products, his new product in the same line or a new model will be well received by the public. Consumers can also have flaws to choose products based on their quality standards through advertising.

So the ad function is not only introducing the product, but it turns out more than that. Therefore in making advertisements need to think of many mature things, one of them by making the good concept. With a good concept, all the functions of the ads above can be done well and in line with expectations.

That’s the function of advertising that is very useful for your business. As you already know, marketing is one of the keys to introducing your product to the community. And very effective so that your sales continue to grow and develop.

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