Intelligent ERP: SAP S/HANA Release SAP Blogs

In the realm of Manufacturing, we now bring a new predictive cloth and source making plans pMRP software. With this, you’re able to forecast component demand with predictive cloth and source making plans. The benefit here’s to Reduce stock wearing costs. With pMRP, we are using a made simple MRP logic which helps interactive planning with simulations deriving element and capability demands on all levels. In order to process simulations, the system creates made easy data in keeping with your operative data for material source planning.

This data is used as reference data in pMRP. A set of defined reference data can be used to create dissimilar simulations. With SAP S/4HANA 1909, we enable workflow for sales files. The key benefit of this new function is to increase sales force efficiency by offering the workflow for sales quotations, for sales orders and for credit memo requests. It is now feasible to exhibit and manage approval workflows in “My Inbox”. In addition to this, you receive workflow notifications during the approval workflow processing, and you may adjust the workflow, for credit memo requests, to the new approval status for sales files.

An easy navigation to the sales order document from the approval workflow is now also possible. May I ask you if these services are just accessible in the cloud release or they can be found on the basis launch too?I am especially drawn to pMRP, integration among EWM and repetitive manufacturing, and sourcing and procurement. To be more accurate: a pMRP works through FIORI apps or can it be called ghrouth some transactions on S/4 HANA?b the combination among repetitive manufacturing works only with EWM or can it work with the classic WM besides?And, at last, c in sourcing and procurement I have read that there is a new capability of launch procedure dependent on the significance of POs, which the system “learns” through AI.

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