Integrated Marketing Communication and 5 Benefits for Your Business

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Integrated Marketing Communication and 5 Benefits for Your Business

Integrated Marketing Communication and 5 Benefits for Your Business

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is a simple concept. It is about making sure all forms of messaging and communication from a brand are interconnected and integrated.

In simple terms, IMC means integrating all the promotional tools that a brand has, so that they can work together harmoniously.

All of these communication and promotional tools will work better when they are connected, integrated, and work together in harmony.

IMC aims to unify all parts that are included in marketing communications, such as advertising, public relations, direct marketing, social media, and sales promotion. IMC promotes a human-centered approach and consistently serves its audience in all its marketing channels.

Benefits of Integrated Marketing Communication

Even though IMC requires extra effort, there are many benefits that you can get from here, namely:

1. Increase Consumer Loyalty

With a human-centric approach, IMC can strengthen the bonds of loyalty with consumers, while protecting them from the inevitable onslaught of business competition. Maintaining customer loyalty will give your business a competitive advantage over competitors.

2. Increase Sales

IMC can also increase company profits thanks to increased effectiveness. A unified message has a greater impact than many messages but is intermittent. In today’s information-intensive era, consistent, synergistic, and clear messages stand a better chance of preventing the “information noise” of the five hundred commercial messages bombarding consumers every day. This makes your message easier for your audience to accept, and ultimately increases your company’s bottom line.

IMC can effectively increase brand awareness and email open rates. In the end, IMC can increase sales thanks to the effectiveness of messaging across all marketing channels, so that there are more ways for consumers to become aware, moved, and ultimately make purchases.

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3. Increase Reputation

IMC can make your message more consistent, have credibility, and will ultimately improve your business reputation. This will help customers get through your sales funnel more quickly.

When you get a good reputation, you will have a special place in the hearts of consumers. You no longer need to compete with competitors when consumers are still in the research stage to determine the product they will buy.

4. Brand Strengthening

Porsche, a luxury car manufacturer, has successfully implemented IMC to strengthen their messaging brand. The company combines live events, social media, advertisements, short videos, and even radio broadcasts. This is done to attract the attention of a younger and more diverse audience. Across all the marketing channels used, the message they convey is very consistent: Porsches are not only luxury cars, but everyday cars as well.

5. Competitive Advantage

Thanks to an integrated approach, your brand will automatically be more easily recognized. Amazon does this by hosting Amazon Prime Day in July 2019. The highly effective IMC lets you see it wherever you are. Starting from email inbox, social media, the Amazon website, and many more.

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