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The Medieval Manuscripts Section at the British Library is a associate in a new task, ‘Insular Manuscripts AD 650 850: Networks of Knowledge’, funded by the Leverhulme Trust. The project will set up an international research community to improve understanding of competencies exchange and cultural networks in early medieval Europe via analysis of the surviving Insular manuscripts made in Ireland and Anglo Saxon England, and in continental monasteries based by English or Irish missionaries. There are about 500 of those manuscripts, 75% of that are held in libraries in continental Europe. The research network will bring together lecturers, curators and electronic specialists at a time when increasing numbers of those manuscripts are being digitised in full and made available online. The task will run three workshops so one can give a contribution to the advancement of an open access, online research useful resource and other published outputs.

The first workshop, ‘Methods of creating: palaeographical issues, codicological demanding situations’, can be held at the British Library on 24–25 April 2017. In 2018, a workshop will be held in Galway and Dublin on ‘Networks of expertise then and now: electronic capability’, and in 2019 the general workshop in Vienna could be on ‘Knowledge exchange: people, places, texts’.

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