Instagram Sponsored Posts: Everything You Need to Know

REALLY REALLY FRUSTRATING!I promoted one of my post a t shirt that I’m promoting on my website, and it did gather thousands of likes, I get never ending notification of likes and stuff, but on every occasion I open my long-established post, it only has 485!I conception it was just a bug or something but it’s a nightmare!At first I was so excited and all overestimated seeing all of the likes and feedback on my promoted post, but after understanding it doesn’t in reality count and wont consolidate on my common post, the likes notification now makes me so pissed understanding all of that thousands of likes are actually useless!It’s a BIG JOKE that isn’t funny. Now I turned off my notification because it just makes me really mad and just looking forward to the promotion to end!If I only knew, I wouldn’t have wasted my money for this stupid joke of instagram or fb or anything stupid thing this is. I have a promoted image that I requested to run in 5 major style cities in US and Europe. The image was a a little bit popular, clean photo that does not function anything very culturally specific.

The promoted image was disproportionately liked by one city Milan. I have a hard time believing this image is so particularly appealing to one place and little to none in any other 4 cities. This makes me very suspicious of how these promotions are truly executed. Is there anything in the algorithms that hijack the exposure out of your directives?Should I move to Italy?Seems these promotions are dead.

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