Insanely Creative Marketing Ideas for Professional Photographers Improve Photography

Photographers who have been around for a while know a lot of things about local venues that brides would LOVE to know!How about creating a pop up on your website asking for your client’s email address. If they enter the email address, they get a free download of your “15 Little Known Tips for Getting Married in Boise” or whatever your city. In the PDF guide, you can include what venues have the best lighting for great wedding pictures, your favorite places to shoot bridals, a money saving tip for getting great flowers, etc. Wedding photographers often know many little tips that brides would love to know.

By teaching them, you set yourself up as the expert and brides will want to book with you!I’ve done a few things to help pull in more clients and practice my skills at the same time. 1. First, I got involved in the Special Olympics program in my county. I’ve photographed many of their different sporting events and always schedule a time for individual and team photos for a special price for them. They keep inviting me back, but best of all, the kids LOVE to see me coming back to them!Love, love, love them!2.

I went through my church’s teen program and had them contact those teens who have needed scholarships for past camps, activities, etc. Through the church, I offered a limited number of free senior sessions to just those kids. Of course, many of them hadn’t gotten their portraits taken, so I ended up doing about 15 this past year. It was GREAT practice for me, I learned a lot of new locations for portraits, and I had a lot of seniors to post photos of. Everything was completely confidential, btw… of course!3.

I’ve participated in other charitable events locally as well. The photographs get shared through the charities’ websites with a shout out to me, and again I got lots of practice.