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Influence of Technology on Entrepreneurship How the Entrepreneurs want to



Well this is just an introductory part with some basic knowledge & information about the greatest influences of Technologies on our modern life & its big impacts on the mankind. It’s all about how we are getting so advanced in our modern culture & even how our civilization is getting more developed, how our thinkings are being changed & advanced by the time where technology has a big role by influencing us a lot! 

I hope this will be going to be an interesting topic!

Let’s go through it with having a cup of coffee/tea in your hand!!! 

We all know that our mighty World is changing rapidly by the time & by the influence of modern technology, or you can say the changes are happening so fast in the flow of time with the help of adavanced technology!!! Undoubtedly there is a big impact of advanced technologies on our modern life, even also on our modern cultures nowadays. Each & everything we use necessarily in our daily life is being changed in the flow of modernity.

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In case of technology, most of the things in our Technology-field become so advanced & innovative, especially the noticeable growth of every tech-industry or IT companies in all over the world is one of the greatest movement of science & technology on which the people of this generation are getting more inlfuenced, interested, even dependent & getting excited of knowing & using the new evolutionary gadgets and eventually they are using these smart technologies in smarter ways! They love gadgets, they love the versalities of technologies, they are surprised with the evolutionary development of newly invented technologies, they love to use the newest features of the newest technologies. People are willing to use all these new gadgets aka small but smart technologies in their daily needs. They become so smart to handle these gadgets. Our lifestyle is changing and becomes so fast as fast as technology itself!! They are being addicted to use smart techs in their every needs. Beside of these, some tech-geek people have also started thinking to do something different with these advanced technologies which will be even smarter- That what we call the influence of modern technology!! 

The Evolutionary future of technologies which aspirants want to build:

Now the fact is, today’s people of this Generation-Y are not only using these technologies for their personal issues but also they are interestedly learning & knowing the science & engineering behind these and everything related to the advanced technologies & the result is like they have started to think on the future of these technologies differently & willing to build something great & more advanced with their own creative ideas. This modern generation is getting motivated to do something bigger in their own way in the big tech-industry. Their vision of future goals with these modern technologies are so far & high that they want to make their own world of advanced tech-field to achieve the entrepreneurial-success or you can say that they have lots of ideas & dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur in this largest competitive tech-industry.

But in that case, some of them either start their initial journey based on their passionate hobby by doing any of their choicable work as a starter just to gain experiences with valuable knowledge of real life business-field or to earn some money by working at home as a freelancer or may be some of them are willing to be a successful entrepreneur and already have started their journey as an entrepreneur to build a successful, profitable company someday. We, all people know that the technology is now ruling the world from every side. Even the world’s greatest Entrepreneurs & Business-magnets are the tech-geek people who have built their large emperors on the roots of technologies. They are the pirates of the modern technology whose influence is working on the new generation of big dreamers. These dreams are becoming the motivation & big influence to do anything unique & great with their innovative ideas, based on these advanced technologies, as we know that these advanced technologies are now a great way-cum-open source to do something larger, to make something great, to earn lots of money & even to gain knowledge from it. Though, these are neither so easy to achieve nor to handle so easily because there are so many obstacles, incidents/facts & cases to know before starting or while running theie entrepreneurship. 

Motivation to be a Knowledgeable & skilled person with the technology:


Let’s explain these with my own life-example,

I am a person with a lot of tech-interests & willing to do something innovative where I am now at my current age of 21. I love to do blogging, computer programmings, web designing & developing, testing of several online web-applications in curiosity!!(on my computers or phone), have interests on android applications too, also I  like to study on SEO & digital marketings.

Now, like blogging is my passion and I am doing this as one of my hobbies, I give at least a minimum time everyday (Sometimes though it becomes difficult for me to give a least time everyday on my blogging due to the pressures of other busy schedules but I always try my best to work on my hobby!) to write something better with new ideas on my digital writing pad. But to do that, I have to do study a lot before I start writing on some points to explain a topic. That means, I am gathering some knowledge on a specific topic before  sharing that with all of you and when people gives me good feedbacks after reading my blog, it makes me more enthusiast to share something more better with my readers. This leads me to study more, to gain more knowledge, to write a lot, to share more of it and it becomes my addiction! (That’s a great think I believe). In this way, I can learn a lot, I can gather more & more knowledge related to my passion of work and can share my learnings with my readers, so that they can also learn a lot from me.(And also I can learn from them too).

As same as when tech-enthusiast people see how technology is developing into high tech version and how it works, they get more interestes to learn on it. As much as they see, as much as they get interest to involve in it. Knowledge is everything behind it. Knowledge is the first priority for whatever you do. It gives you the power of thinking a more advanced!! 

Knowledge gives the flexibility of thinking more:

Now knowledge gives a person the flexibility of thinking in advance to do the greater something with their own passion & ideas. People are getting more concerned of what is going around the world, how everything is changing by the time, how the great people have got success from their passion, how people are getting smarter & passionate of their entrepreneurships, how the technology is ruling the world, how start-up brings money with profits, the changing status of markets etc. Now when our new generation comes to know a lot of information about these facts, they catch up some brilliant ideas in their brains and starts dreaming to build their emperor based  on their ideas. This is the influence which becomes their motivation and they are carrying it in their mind where some people either go to fulfill it as soon as possible or some people wants to think more on their passion & ideas or else choose a normal life.

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The modern generation is very much tech-addicted where every tech-geek person is enthusiast to learn a lot about these technological facts & the interested to know how they work, what are their speciality & all, especially on the advanced tech-gadgets which are involved with our regular life. They know how technology is being changed rapidly all around the world and they have a big impact on our fast changing life. Most of the tech-geek entrepreneurs are starting their journey through the potential of small & then to large & even to larger tech-industry. This is the tech-motivation which is spreading among this new generation. All we need first is an unique idea & proper plan only! 

Versatility of Technology in Entrepreneurship:


Technology is a large field to cultivate. You can’t point out clearly its starting or ending points! But you can run on its field & can learn with it. In Entrepreneurship, technology has a major role today, even most of the ruling entrepreneurship is based on Technology today & for sure it has a bright future too!! 

Technology Entrepreneurship refers from building online Website for Buisnesses to developing Artificial Intelligence, Educational program, Making of gadgets, Android developing, Software program, Cyber Security & those everything which can’t be mentioned in this single article alone!!

From your home PC to Space, technology is everywhere, so it has the largest space with lots of versalities to build an entrepreneurship on the technology field. But at the same time, it is also true that there is a major competition on the makret as most of aspirants are taking the way of technology! Let’s go deeper with it below!! 

Entrepreneurship with smart ideas!:

So, as we discussed above, the new generation, the youngsters are dreaming about to build their own castle of success. Technology has a versatility to give you knowledge & money by proper using of it with honest hard work, dedication & skills. Technology here gives them good chances to grow a little more every time. Lots of Technologies, lots of ideas are there, and as these ideas are growing, aspiring people are dreaming to build their large to larger emperor & those who become successful, their success brings the competition to the market. 

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What is Entrepreneurship?! 

Entrepreneurship” is now a very common word to every youngster today. Not only entrepreneurship but also when the word “startup ” gets added with it, it becomes a dream for billions of young people to build a new journey in hope of “Big Success” and to earn a “Great Profit”.

Now what does entrepreneurship means in actual?!

 Entrepreneurship means starting a small business or running a business on the basis of a big idea or real life project to make it become a profitable large company.

But it is not so easy, even you need to know about the working principles of marketing & have to learn the expert management skills with the real life projects in association of strong business or startup plans, you need to know that- how the small but the “projects with big ideas” are taken as a share of business by the influencers by investing on it and to how they run their shares with their powerful impacts on business through applied marketing conditions & business requirements, you have to learn about the management of how to handle the annual profit/loss of a company, shares of a company, investment policies in accordance of markets, how to and when to invest etc. But at the same time you need of efficient hard work, proper planning, honest dedication, full of  passion at work, positive mind with motivation- all are necessary components to run a project or a business even in its hard times, you should have to be focused but not to lose your hope at any situation. There is no any entrepreneur who has not faced the loss or has not failed in his/her first attempt. Entrepreneurship is also about making a successful company after having failures on previous ideas. Those previous ideas were not useless!! but lack of experience make it failed in its first attempt. But this failure gives an experience for the next entrepreneurship. 


Misconception of being an Entrepreneur: Obsession of Entrepreneurship

Now here is a misconception works in almost every aspirant’s mind! 

Those aspiring people who want to start their entrepreneurship, at very first attempt they only think about how to present their project ideas to the influencers, how to prepare the initial startup plans, how to develop the uniqueness of their creative ideas more and they often think of every possibilities of earning a huge profit from their entrepreneurship projects at the starting point. They think that they have a big idea with large potentiality which can probably give them the “big success” in future, or they may think that their ideas are so unique to rise up as a great profitable startup, or they think it so fast that their target projects with small business plan has a big & bright future in the ocean-like deep business field, even they may don’t know where is the starting & where is the ending!!! or they may think that it can be turned into a very large company with big deals & ideas etc. This refers to the over-excitement & overconfidence, having before to start their project even without the proper preparation to run on this field. It’s good to be an optimist at the starting point of their journey, it’s good to have an effiecienct plan of startup but there are lots  of things tro know…..!!

Actually entrepreneurship has some different side of meaning also which they often forget at their starting phase journey. I think this can be considered as the dark side of entrepreneurship.

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The Dark side of Entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurship also means to start a business by taking a lot of risks in hope of both profit & success where there are equally chances of failures & losses too!! – That means, besides of all the possibilities of being successful at their business, there are also so many possibilities at the same time of falling down of their journey. This result is quite normal for a startup but the aspirants who were enough confident or even overconfident to see the face of success at the very first attempt but unfortunately see the failure instead of their very expected success, they get obsessed on their startups as everything turns to the opposite of what they though, sometimes they loose hopes, they become demotivated, they become negetive. This makes them to be frustrated & some of them either totally lose hopes of entrepreneurship where some of them start new plans for another startup or may be some other elses go for a regular normal life. Being obsessed of falling down of their business is quite normal at the first time, but it doesn’t mean that this is the end! This means the starting of another stronger journey to fight back. 

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The Common Problem:

In most of the cases, newbies becomes overconfident of their project. Due to lack of experience, proper guidance, proper knowledge & real life practical ideas, they think more than the reality. They start to think in overexcitement that they should have their dream project to be successful at first attempt at any cost. With lots of hope & confidence they also start their dream project on the level of startup. Even if they get success at first attempt as per their plan & expectation, they get confident to do a more little innovative- That’s obvious good for an entrepreneurship but sometimes they may forget that they have to be now more prepared than before, as the next step is going to be tougher, some of them follow this rules to be more prepared but some other who are first-time-achieved successful  people often don’t try to be more prepared. Because for every entrepreneur, failures not come at the first attempt but can come even after seeing the face of success. 

The psychology behind a newbie entrepreneurs mind!:

You are thinking that you have a great idea- A creative idea for entrepreneurship, you have a big dream with that idea to make it real, that’s good obvious! Now you have a great plan also to implement your idea, well now you also have made that idea into a real-life project! Even you have now money in your hand! Now what do you think?! You are now may be thinking to start a long way marathon right now with your real-life project to start a business or to present it in front of the so called big influencers, so that they will like to invest on it as per your plan and you will get success after all these procedures!!! 

Actually the problem is a common psychological fact i.e.- We youngsters are always in so much hurry. In case of having an unique business idea and willing for a startup, most of the aspirant entrepreneurs want to establish their business and want to get success as soon as possible as they have dreamt for!!. It’s like they have an idea, they build a real life project based on it and start to chasing their goals in so much hurry like they have no extra time to wait for a little more for the right time. They want everything so fast they have wished for and getting in too much hurry to get their success goals as soon as possible. Even if they have a business plan, they don’t want to rechecking the plan more than twice & thrice while they should need to check their plan for atleast 10 times for a better result to come out!! 

Being positive & hopeful for the success is good enough but being overconfident of surely having the success without being preparing for the failures is the reason of obsession!

The reason is- You are thinking only the idea you have implemented as a real life project is enough to build your dream castle!! But you have to know the bitter truth that There is huge difference between a “Real Life Project & a Real Life Business running”.

Those both are not the same! There are so many real life projects, so many unique ideas of so many people in the market with full of passion to participate in the rat race but to implement your idea or project as a business plan, it is far different from making only the real-life project. Making a project or having an idea in one thing, but how to implement it into a longway running business is another part of your entrepreneurial story!!

Why are you is so much hurry?!!

As I have said, there are lots of differences between building a real-life project and running it in the real world business field. A business or a startup is totally a different journey. The people who are in so much hurry, are thinking that their only real life project with a initial business plan is enough for a success journey and even as soon as possible they can see the face of success & they go for a long way marathon with their project. They takes the most wrong decision during this time…And the wrong thing is- You are going start a marathon without even knowing the way on where you have started to run!!

Being in so much hurry is the most dangerous chance of falling down of a business. Even being so positive, if you are so quick in dealing with all objectives, you may have to face the failure instead of seeing the face of success. Because one thing you have to remember that, no project or no idea is fully perfect, you have to give it time just to make it strong to fight in the battle field. 

How to get rid of that misconception of entrepreneurship?

You need proper knowledge of marketing, management skill, good presentation skill, business plans with several sides like plan A, plan B or plan C, well defined knowledge of managing the profit and loss with respect of the up & down of market values, how to handle the deals, business modules for development, social marketing tactics their respective needs through the whole business in accordance of how to manipulate them, how to manage them and so many things are there to learn. You need proper guidance, proper business plans. suggestated  from a experienced person, the investment policies, the conditions of shares of a business and so on. 

For these all to learn, you need the TIME.

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So you need the proper time. Don’t be so hurry!! Being fast is good, being positive is too good, being the most active person is really good but it doesn’t make sense that as fast as you will start your business, you will see the success!! Even being the most positive one, you should have to assume the every possibilities of failures of your ideas at the same time when you are thinking to make it successful, that’s not the negative thought, it’s a sense of a probability of  two types of results of your business which can occur with the equal possibilities. Being so fast is nothing to mean, but after completion of making your business project, you need to give an extra time to yourself to gain more skills & tactics of business about how to run it the real life ocean-like business and at the same time you can give your project to be more efficiency by  time.

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The time you are giving to gain knowledge about your project or the time you are giving to fulfilling it. The same or more time you have to also give to learn about entrepreneuship, buisness, startup while you want to make it real-life successfull project. 

Learning the business modules are also necessary where you should have to prepare yourself first to set up your business.

Most often people want that everything sooner but they forget to realize if they are actually prepare or not for entrepreneurship. Because having your idea or readymade roject is only 45% of your effort. The another 55% depends on your other knowledge and skill for startup . That’s all about yourself, your ideas of business, you skill to present yourself!  Just think on it now that:

Are you actually ready for startup? Are you fully prepared for it?!

Give time to your project to be ready and give to yourself. Give a proper time yourself to gain knowledge, to make the ability to identify the way, to understand the way you are choosing to run on, for the marathon you are ready for. Know the way first properly before starting the marathon, because you have to careful all the holes that lie between your destination and your dream!! 

Now the another question is:

Are these so easy? or Are you really prepared for the startup or for what you want?!! 

The answer is NO! Why?!! Let’s discuss it in details with another example….

So you have an idea to implement in real-life project, right?!!

Let’s consider your business-idea be a “seed”  on which a big tree with full of branches (Your fully-formed successful startup) will grow up for a long live journey. For that, what elses will be need to have in your hand?! Efficient amount of water, sunlight, fresh air etc. right?!!

I know you will say- YES RIGHT!!

Now think one thing! 

Do you think that only knowing the type & quality of seed is enough for growing up of a strong long-living tree?! Only taking care of that sowed seed  is enough to grow up a fully branched tree?!!

Absolutely not!! You need to judge the quality of soil, you need to judge the environment, you need to know everything about how to properly taking care of that sowed seed to grow a beautiful strong long-living tree with full of branches which will give you then tasty fruits, colourful flowers, green leaves etc. Right?!!

I guess you will agree with me!!

As same as the project idea you have, you should need to first judge the way you want start your journey as an entrepreneur. You need to know the rules of businesses, you need to learn the business procedures & buisness modules too in which your project will be circulated. You need the proper guidance take the right decision in right time. You need to have more than two or three proper business plan. You need to know so much thing!! You need to give that time to yourself to handle and to run your entrepreneurship because you project may be ready for the battle but may be you are not. So be ready first!! 

Stay calm, stay focused, give time, learn to wait for the right one…

Be Ready for everything…. For every struggle!!

Though, after telling all these things, I will also say in addition that, giving time is just a precautions to prevent the rate of falling down & it’s better than being so fast for startup which doesn’y meand of success. But giving so much time than necessary also doesn’t make sense that you will be surely successful where atleast giving time to yourself and in your project matters a lot. So that, you will understand the value of what you are doing and how you have to achieve your goals step by step. Take time, don’t be so fast. But always prepare for both the result of success & failures in your Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship has no end. It has a hopeful start & a limitless running on a longway. Stay motivated always, keep calm, be focused, be honest, be dedicated, do hard work, do study a lot, achieve the supreme skill, Be you own Boss!! 

Some aspirants make their ideals on Technology field & follow them like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Kevin Systrom or Elon Musk!! Keep remember one thing, you can follow them for their success rules, for their idealism, but don’t try to be like them by copying them and don’t even think that just following them will give you success!!!! Because you are unique, you have to make your own identity, so follow their rules of success and working principles, but be yourself always.

You can see that some popular entrepeneurs have got success at a very little age like in 21/22. But it doesn’t only make sense that starting entrepreneurship at a very little age will bring you success at your doorstep!! There are also others entrepreneurs like Warren Bufftet who has started entrepreneurship at the age of 40 atmost!. So age is just a number but not a success point for your career or for your entrepreneurship. It’s good to start early but not necessarily. Whatever your age is!! It’s all about when you want to start! that’s it! 


Entrepreneurship is all about starting of small business on one or more project ideas, that means, even starting of more than two or three businesses on multiple business projects. Some of them may fall, some of them may rise up as a successful companies. Entrepreneurship is a journey from one business project to another. A project to project journey in the hope of profit that starts from a small potential to make it larger by time. Be ready for every reult which can with equal possibilities for your buisness. But be motivated, and run how much you can run, how long you can run!!

Keep Running!!

Thank you,

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