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Performance analysis of routing protocols in vehicular ad hoc networksby R. A. Santos, A. Edwards, R.

M. Edwards, N. L. SeedInternational Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing IJAHUC, Vol. 1, No.

1/2, 2005Abstract: This paper offers a reactive place routing algorithm that uses cluster based flooding for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks VANET. We compare both place based and non position based routing methods in commonplace urban and highway site visitors eventualities. A microscopic traffic model, developed in OPNET, is used to evaluate the performance of the Location Routing Algorithm with Cluster Based Flooding LORA CBF, Ad Hoc On demand Distance Vector AODV and Dynamic Source Routing DSR when it comes to average Route Discovery RD time, End to End Delay EED, Routing Load, Routing Overhead, Overhead, and Delivery Ratio.

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