Increase Sales by Retargeting Push Notification Ads

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Increase Sales by Retargeting Push Notification Ads

Increase Sales by Retargeting Push Notification Ads

Imagine this scenario

Simon is taking a walk in a mall.

His steps stopped in front of a quite luxurious watch shop.

His attention was focused on a watch from a famous brand.

Wow, this is a cool leather watch!” Simon said silently.

Simon hurried into the shop, asked the shopkeeper to get a watch that caught his attention, then tried it on his wrist.

After that, Simon asks about the price of the product and other information such as warranty and service.

Everything is OK,” Simon thought.

Simon feels right about the product.

Soon Simon left the shop without buying any items and never returned.

What really happened?

Say Simon is interested in the watch and has enough money to buy it.

Simon is a very potential prospect.

The question “will he definitely buy it right then?

Of course the answer is not certain!

It might have been Simon

  • Just want to look around
  • Still have a good watch in proper condition
  • Want to compare prices with other stores
  • Remembering sudden affairs that are far more important

There are so many reasons that could cause Simon not to buy the watch he likes.

But the important point is that Simon has an interest in the item and the shop owner has just let go of a potential prospect.

Most people don’t buy right away at the first opportunity

According to Sales Force, you need 6-8 times contact before successfully selling products to customers.

What about ecommerce sites?

It turns out that only 3 percent of visitors make transactions on the first visit!

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Maybe visitors want to compare prices first.

Maybe visitors are not familiar with the brands visited and want to do further research.

Or maybe they also feel the moment is not right, like the case of Simon.

Here we can do retargeting.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is the activity of promoting your brand / product to people who have shown an interest in your product before.

As an example,

You visit an ecommerce watch without buying anything.

When you are browsing a website, watch notification advertisements suddenly appear from ecommerce sites that you have visited.

“Well, this is a good looking leather watch!”

These advertisements will remind you of products you have visited.

Maybe you will click on ads, re-visit the e-commerce site, and make a purchase.

That’s the power of retargeting.

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How effective is retargeting?

According to ThriveHive, retargeting can increase conversion rates up to 147%!

Wow! Interesting!

How to Retargeting

If you are serious about increasing sales and profits, of course you can not wait to do retargeting.

In this post, we will discuss how to do retargeting using push notification advertisements

Check this out!

Increase Sales by Retargeting Ads

Push Notification

Push Notification is a retargeting innovation that is phenomenal at the moment.

Every time a visitor enters your website, a permission request will appear to send a notification.

If visitors allow, you can send notifications on your audience’s device, whenever you want.

Much easier than collecting a lot of emails right?

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How to do retargeting with Push Notification ads

  • Create / enter your Froggy Ads account.
  • Create a campaign using the push notification ad format.
  • Navigate your notification ad campaign to the landing page you are targeting.
  • Set your target market with available features.
  • Let the system work for your ad campaign until you generate a subscriber.
  • Notifications will be sent to your subscriber containing an invitation to visit the website, make a purchase, or other information.
  • That’s all, very simple isn’t it?


Retargeting is a very effective method to increase your sales.

In addition to attracting prospects who have not yet transacted, retargeting can also attract your customers to make repeat purchases.

Keep in mind, you need to do a careful calculation if you want to do paid retargeting and make sure to use advertising services with low costs but the results are abundant like Froggy Ads.

Make sure the costs you spend on advertising do not exceed the profit you get.