Increase Sales and Engagement with Push Notification

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Increase Sales and Engagement with Push Notification

Increase Sales and Engagement with Push Notification

Maybe when you’re visiting a website, you get a message on the top left or bottom of the browser when using your cellphone that offers activation notifications for that website. This is a push notification. This feature is arguably the most widely used on the website for the past few years. In this article, we will discuss more about what push notification is.

Benefits of Using Push Notification

There are several reasons why you should consider using push notification. Push notifications actually help you to improve the user experience for your app users. Through your notification system, they can receive the latest news updates. In addition, users can also get daily updates to find out the state of the road and weather. For those of you who install travel applications, you can also easily get information if changes are made to your trip.

For you application owners, this notification is one of the direct ways for you to communicate with users. Unlike email, you can immediately get a response from them. Some believe that your click-through rate will also be higher by using push notification than email. Not only that, you can also encourage your users to do conversion actions, such as promoting a product, offering additional discounts, increasing customer experience, sending proof of transactions directly, and much more.

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Anatomy of Push Notification

What kind of push notification anatomy is considered good?

Push notifications should consist of:


Headlines are the first thing that website visitors will see. This will be the first thing your website visitors see. Make sure that your headlines are attractive and make people want to subscribe to notifications.

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Description is the second element that website visitors will see. Use action words that make people want to do something. The sentences in this section should contain action words that encourage them to take action.

Landing page URL

Landing pages are an important element in push notifications. You need a landing page so that those who click on your push notifications can take action.



Don’t forget to put your business logo icon on the push notification. This is done so that people recognize that the notifications they have received are from your website.

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You also need to know when is the right time to bring up the push notifications. Send notifications when subscribers are online because you will get more engagement from it. Don’t send notifications when subscribers are sleeping and expect good results. You must get to know your subscribers and know when their active time is. The safest, try sending notifications in the morning and evening if your subscribers might work. But if your subscibers are online all the time, try sending notifications at work.

When Should You Use Push Notification?

No matter what type of business you are in, you can use push notifications on your website.

E-Commerce Business

If you have an e-commerce business, you can use push notifications to increase sales. One way is to remind people about shopping cart abandonment. 70% of customers usually forget that they have put items in their carts. Of course, you don’t want to lose the transaction, right? You can reach audiences who ignore their basket through push notifications. They will see the notification immediately and they can immediately take action.

Increase Sales and Engagement

In addition, you can also use this notification to inform them of the latest collections and attractive discounts. If you sell a lot of products on your website, it might be difficult for website visitors to see all your products. If you want to tell them about certain products, for example the latest collections, in addition, you can also offer attractive discounts via push notification. Usually people will also take action faster.

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B2B business

For those of you who have a B2B business, you can use this feature to increase engagement and sales. One of the things B2B businesses often do through push notifications is to promote new content. According to studies, for B2B businesses, it takes five to seven visits to a business website before a conversion occurs. It’s harder for B2B businesses to get conversions from just one website visit. In addition, if your business has a new feature, you can announce it via push notifications.

Media Website

If you run a media website, you can use push notifications to notify real-time news. Nowadays, many people rely on Twitter to get news. But if you have a news site, you can use push notifications to deliver the news directly to your readers. In addition, you can also send push notifications according to what news they like. By doing this, you can increase engagement and attract them to visit your website frequently.


In this article, we have already discussed push notification. This new feature can indeed be useful for those of you who want to attract attention and increase engagement and sales of your business. As Indonesia’s best hosting, we want to continue to help you succeed online through our articles. Don’t forget to subscribe to Froggy Ads blog to get the latest article updates! Hope this article helps!