Increase Reach With Instagram Hashtags Online Digital Marketing Courses

More accepted hashtags are often followed by a huge amount of users, corresponding to Instagood or newyork, but more exact hashtags equivalent to detroitshopping shown above can have fewer fans but a more targeted audience. Start with high level hashtags in your industry/niche, then narrow all the way down to more actual areas. Think of those hashtags in an analogous way it’s possible you’ll start with SEO. You start with one or two word keywords to do broad analysis, then move on to long tail searches that perfectly fit your brand and its audience.

Hashtags around set up communities may also be helpful in your brand, akin to Harry Potter or Game of Thrones, dependent on your brand and how these popular topics tie into your posts. Creating your own hashtags in your industry and using those hashtags in your posts may help you generate conversations and track mentions of your brand, irrespective of where they happen around the app. The most successful groups create hashtags around contests and always consist of their brand name, reminiscent of the common ShareaCoke marketing campaign or KFC’s NationalFriedChickenDay. A lot of brands fight with user generated content, but Instagram offers the opportunity to easily change this with its hashtag network.

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