Inbound marketing is: understanding, stages, and differences with outbound marketing

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Inbound marketing is understanding stages and difference with outbound marketing

Inbound marketing is: understanding, stages, and differences with outbound marketing

Inbound marketing is understanding stages and difference with outbound marketing

Today, the method made to get closer to prospective consumers slowly has begun to change. If previously marketing activities are carried out by outbound marketing, it has now begun to do inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a marketing activity that is done to help you reach more consumers.

However, how do you apply this business to the company? Well, in this article we will discuss it in full with you.

Inbound marketing is …

So, inbound marketing is a way of marketing done to help prospective consumers find your business or company easily.

So, if generally, a business is looking for consumers, inbound marketing will make consumers find a business.

Well, to make prospective customers find your business, of course, you have to make them interested in your business. That’s where the main principle of inbound marketing. You must be able to strongly make prospective consumers feel interested and make them need with your business.

Inbound Marketing Methodology

Broadly speaking, there are four stages in inbound marketing, namely

1. Attract.

In this stage, the main focus that you have to do is attract the attention of prospective consumers. Why? Because at the moment, they don’t know at all about your business, and you should make them aware of your business.

Some of the ways you can do to attract the attention of prospective consumers are content marketing, SEO, digital advertising, and also social media marketing. However, you need to know that interesting attention in terms does not mean you show your business with the product in it. There is a value that you must offer to make them interested.

If the content you provide is useful for prospective consumers, then they can become followers of your brand automatically.

2. Convert

After changing them into your brand followers, then you have to turn them into people who have the potential to become a buyer.

In this case, you must get contact information from them, both in the form of mobile numbers, email addresses, etc. The way you can do to get this is to attach the form, landing page, and leading magnet.

Some of you must have visited a website or blog it containing an invitation to subscribe to the newsletter. Well, that’s one of the best ways to do convert activities. It could be that also some of you have downloaded a file or ebook that requires you to complete contact information first.

After you can get contact from them, you will be able to contact them more intensely, but also more interesting them to do the purchase process.

3. Close.

At present, you must turn your potential customers to become consumers. The trick is to utilize contact information that was previously included at the Convert stage. You can send content or messages that can make your potential consumers feel interested.

4. Delight

After you get a purchase, you must build a good relationship with your customers. Why is this important? Because those who make purchases are those who have been interested in your business so that the difficulty in inviting them to repurchase is not as difficult as looking for new consumers.

At this stage, you can use email marketing to build good relationships with your potential customers. In addition, you can also try to survey to be able to ensure your customer satisfaction.

Inbound marketing and outbound marketing differences

Outbound marketing has a lot of weaknesses because this method still utilizes a fairly traditional way. The marketing method carried out with advertising media, email, or telephone is considered very disturbing to the comfort of prospective consumers. The media used is usually TV, telephone, and advertising.

In addition, this method of marketing is also unable to be accepted by the right segment and it is very unlikely to get consumers. Funds that must be spent also tend to be greater because they still use mainstream media.

Whereas in inbound marketing, the way it is done is to make potential consumers interested, so that the marketing process will occur without coercion from the brand.

generally, the media used in implementing inbound marketing is social media, blogs, email marketing, content marketing, etc.

Inbound marketing strategy

1. Offering content

This content offer must be carried out by your prospective business customers. Because this is capable of having a good impact on customers and also on your business. With the presence of content offers on customers, they will always remember your business.

So, it is likely that for you to get customers again if content offers can be done well. In this case, you can offer and provide content that suits your customers. In addition, the content must also be truly useful for them.

2. Causing Awareness.

Awareness of awareness experienced by customers in a business can occur at any time. What’s more when they are indeed needing your product. Later, they will try directly to find your product. From this thing, awareness is an important role in doing marketing inbound.

This awareness can be born in various ways, but it will usually appear after doing a marketing process. Gradually, customers will feel your product, and your business will also feel a big profit.

3. Interaction

Another important part of running an inbound marketing strategy is to interact. This activity must be built between the business parties and the customer. Because the interaction will help influence your customer’s reaction.

If the interaction built by the company and the customer can be done well, it is not a possibility that your customers will be faithful. With this interaction, you can also build strong trust with your customers.

In addition, good interactions will also open opportunities for you to provide information regarding the advantages of your product as well as a way out for customers who have complaints about your business. So, good interactions will make customers feel satisfied and make them loyal.

4. Provide advice

Usually, every customer has their respective problems. Like problems when using products from your business. In this case, you must be able to provide the right advice to customers. The process of giving this advice must be done through good interaction. Minimal, these suggestions must be useful for customers.

Because the advice you provide will make your customers able to find products that are following their needs more easily. In addition, customers can also find products that fit their needs. So that your product can be the right solution for the problem that is being faced by your prospective customers.


Inbound Marketing is one of the marketing strategies that you can apply to your business. But, before you have to pay attention to the stages right in applying it. In addition, you also have to do various ways to be on target so that this method can run efficiently and effectively.

Although this inbound marketing requires hard work, afterward you will make your prospective customers find your brand and become loyal customers of your company. So, your fixed customer will continue to increase and your brand will become more famous.

All of these efforts have been none other than helping companies achieve their business targets appropriately. However, to be able to achieve this you must also be able to carry out the financial management, and good financial recording so that the company’s cash flow can be recorded more naturally.

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