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By the time advanced models of Playstation and Xbox consoles came out, games started to become more sensible and technological improvements introduced a new level of sophistication to online game advertisements. Ads proliferated at an magnificent rate, led most chiefly by sports games reminiscent of FIFA and NBA. Gamers could experience ads that came near real world examples, often in the kind of pop ups, replays or ads placed in the stadium. Still, gaming as an commercials automobile was under explored and never enough brands were able to test the waters.

Game developers, too, were unsure how to make advertising work of their games without harming the gameplay. The availability of scalable commercials options has been a game changer. For builders, it opens up a new monetisation stream and gives alternatives to experiment with the free to play model that has already seen success in the mobile gaming space. Big game studios equivalent to Sony are already providing some free to play games. Epic Games’ Fortnite has been browsing the wave with free to play on consoles, making a living via microtransactions on new player clothing or missions. And DJ Marshmello’s virtual concert made others sit up and take notice of in game advertising’s artistic advantage.

The US video gaming market is booming, generating $43 billion in revenue in 2018. The in game commercials environment is altering daily, with both brands and game builders working their synergies in growing new opportunities in the medium. Gaming has seen a massive shift across income levels, genders and age groups. More and more everyone is moving to gaming and moving away from basic leisure media such as television. According to analysis, 30% of US consumers pay for a gaming subscription carrier, while 41% play games weekly. Gaming is moving away from being an leisure source to being essential to how new era young users form connections with their friends, as well as with their favorite brands.