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Another issue publishers and developers must tackle is integrating IGA into games with out complex avid gamers. The regular goal of IGA is to insert commercials that gets noticed while not interrupting the player’s enjoyment of the sport. Developers need some artistic manage of the IGA to make sure it fits the virtual environment, that are a controversy as a result of advertisers usually are looking to task a certain image and give protection to their brand image. In some games it may be easier to rely upon earnings from sales of virtual goods, as they might provide a more dependable and bigger stream of income than advertisements while having the knowledge of being at once integrated into the sport adventure and being under the comprehensive artistic control of the developer.

Stone Age?Advertising?Before I played, another game came up in my mind. I don’t know of any of you know Metal Gear Solid. It is a game set in the 1970s during the middle of the Cold War and they showed us how not to do ads in a game. Maybe, this topic is developing later in my blog, as a result of I think every bad instance can saves us from more bad examples. What was wrong?Well, cans of Pepsi, bags of Doritos and worst of all were the t shirts.

An world undercover agent sneaking into an army base while wearing a bright green t shirt, that’s the problem. It made actually no sense to come with these in the sport world and they did not keep the commercials natural. It’s crucial to keep it real, in a different way the advertisements won’t work.

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