Important functions of marketing in companies that you rarely know about

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Important functions of marketing in companies that you rarely know about

Like war, marketing is at the forefront of a war. Within the company, marketing is a division that has an important task in determining the progress and decline of a company. However, the marketing division cannot stand alone, there are still relationships with other divisions in the company such as the research, production, development, human resources, and finance divisions. For those of you who don’t understand what the marketing division is, what it does, and how it does its job, we will discuss it one by one below.

Definition of Marketing

Marketing is a series of activities to meet consumer needs and satisfaction, either by producing products by providing prices and promoting them to consumers so that sales occur. Another definition of marketing can be referred to as several interrelated activities to fulfill what is needed by consumers so that companies can benefit from what consumers buy.

Marketing is indeed close to everyday life because marketing is assigned to the field and has direct contact with the community. To the extent that because of the many products promoted by marketing, it makes you confused in determining which product is the best choice.

Corporate Marketing Function

Here are some marketing functions in companies that you rarely know:

a. Exchange Function

In the world of marketing, consumers can freely choose products from any company by exchanging them for money or they can exchange products for products that are used by themselves or for resale.

b. Physical Distribution Functions

The product distribution function is carried out by moving the product by transporting and storing the product. Products owned by producers will be distributed to consumers either by land, sea, or air. In terms of product storage, it is carried out so that the supply of products is maintained in the market so that there is no shortage when needed by consumers.

c. Intermediary Functions

To be able to deliver products to consumers, a marketing person will later connect from the producer to the consumer.

Other Functions Of Marketing

Other functions of marketing are not only as exchange, physical distribution, and intermediary, but there are still other important functions that a marketing person has, including the following:

a. Marketing Sales

The main task of marketing is to generate sales or sales of products owned by the company so that the company gets a profit from every product sold.

b. Marketing Promotion

Marketing has to introduce a product to the wider community so that the company’s products can be recognized.

c. Marketing Research and Development

Marketing has to find information on a product that is needed by consumers or develop an existing product regarding its advantages and disadvantages, then report it all to the company for immediate follow-up.

d. Marketing Communication

Marketing has to create good relationships between companies and consumers, companies with surrounding communities, and companies to parties involved in the business.

Marketing Tasks

Apart from having a function, marketing has a main task that must be done so that the business can continue to run. Here’s a marketing job:

a. As the first person to introduce the company’s products to the public, especially new products that require a lot of promotion.

b. In charge of being the person who sells the company’s products to consumers so that the company gets a profit from every product sold.

c. Duty to find information and convey it to the company about the advantages and disadvantages of a product being sold.

d. In charge of establishing good relationships between companies and consumers.

e. Serves as a liaison between the company and the surrounding environment.

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