Imminent: Non HTTPS Sites Labeled “Not Secure” by Chrome

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If you have got images on your blog posts, WordPress’ default conduct is to embed the full URL to the photo into the post’s HTML. So if you created the posts before switching to SSL, without doubt you have got a complete bunch of http:// image URLs to your content. After you switch the site to SSL, browsers will report these links as errors link to “unsecure” or “mixed” content material. You might have some script/CSS files loading via http in addition. If you want browsers not to report errors, you are going to are looking to change all of those hard coded URL’s either to use https://, or even better, use “protocol relative URL’s”, //, which the browser interprets to intend “whichever protocol the doc is using.

” That way, the URL’s will work no matter if the page is loaded via http or https, and the browser won’t complain about them being insecure.

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