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The Sharks Academy began our relationship with IMM Graduate School initially of 2019, with 14 students signing up for his or her courses. In the time most well known up to registration, during registration, via assignments and exams, and customarily across the year, IMM were extremely good in their provider to not just the players/scholars but to us as well. The advice given to every scholar has been over and beyond, especially allowing for the hard agenda our gamers have. IMM were enormously accommodating and positive across.

We look ahead to a fruitful relationship with them going ahead. Well done IMM with being highly innovative and prepared during this uncertain Covid 19 times. As a pupil based in New Zealand busy with my BPhil Honours course, I were beaten with whats going on in society. Your creative online portals, pleasant and helpful staff and beautiful help to be safe and thrive during this time has made giving my best a lot easier even from a far. Lauren from help desk is excellent and quick to reply, Sharon has been supportive in surroundings me up this side and my online academics are highly certified and provide alot of added value with the classes.

Thank you for making my adventure to achievement and safety so much more enriching. This is a finished course and I am completely going to put forward it to my pals who love marketing and branding up to I do. I like the way every thing is organised beginning from the ever helpful Christa and my instructor, Karen Roos. Apart from that, the course period and actions fit well into my schedule like a glove. Anyone wanting to improve their skills of name control in the workplace or their very own company ought to spend time to study this course as it provides industry relevant, intensive and efficient insights; what brands are, how to create them, how to make them work and how to keep up them with the goal to enhance their general performance of the enterprise.

Thank you a great deal IMM Graduate School. I look ahead to an alternative one in the near future.