HTTPS as one of the signals for better Google ranking

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HTTPS as one of the signals for better Google ranking

HTTPS as one of the signals for better Google ranking

Colleagues involved in SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization certainly do continuous learning, regarding what factors affect the ranking of a website/keyword page on a search engine, especially against Google.

Many factors influence (according to some sources, the Google algorithm even takes into account up to 200 more factors to determine the ranking of a particular website page).

In this article, the author will only discuss one of them, which happened to be announced by Google itself on the Google I / O event which was held in 2014, the HTTPS factor (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, as well as the HTTP Over TLS), or more commonly known as the use of SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer).

Brief explanation of SSL / HTTPS

Briefly, data communication that occurs in the HTTP protocol (without ‘s’) is done plain, aka open or what it is. If tapped in the middle of the road, the data is seen as it is and therefore can be read easily by anyone. HTTPS or SSL is an encryption method, to secure the communication data – so that if you are faced in the middle of the road, which will be obtained is the data in the form of strange characters (data that has been encrypted). Without keys (both public keys and private keys), this kind of encryption data will not be able to open easily.

See the following picture:


In the image visible parts that are red box, indicate a normal connection (connection with HTTP, or non-secure connection)

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If the connection on your browser looks like this (in the example, we use the Google Chrome browser, it might look a little different in other types of browsers):


or like this:


Then we can say the connection that occurs between your computer and the intended server has used HTTPS, already using SSL, already using a secure connection (safe). Please click on the Padlock Icon, to see more information about the SSL Certificate used.

Google’s business to secure the entire internet

At present, the website owners who have started using HTTPS on their websites are still not so much. From Google’s test results, the website ranking that uses HTTPS has good results in the sense that most results from the search are quite accurate and safe. Therefore, Google began promoting and encouraging many audiences, especially website owners to begin adopting SSL on their websites, so that search results on Google search engines can return results in the form of secure websites.

If the whole or most websites in the world use SSL, it can be ascertained the security of internet users in general will also increase. From here, Google will “reward” the owner of the website with the search results on Google Ranking search engines that are better.

SSL and SEO factor

Seo, this SSL factor is indeed not much if compared to quality content – which is always the main reference – the calculation factor for ranking on Google. But over time, this SSL factor will be more weighty, it will increasingly have a high value in the Google Search Engine’s eyes.

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For users, websites that do not use SSL (opened with ordinary HTTP) with those using SSL (opened with the HTTPS protocol) have different psychological weight. The website with SSL Certificate will be considered more quality, safer, more secure.

If for example, there are 2 competing online stores, of course, users will feel safer to conduct financial transactions (for example paying with a credit card) on a website that is protected with SSL, rather than that is not protected with SSL, right?

Our tips and advice

Here are some tips from us, if you start considering using SSL on your website:

  • Determine which type of SSL certificate will you need
  • Don’t Block Spiders / Crawlers Search Engine After you use SSL
  • Your SSL Certificate Quality Test here: SSL Lab

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