HTML Color Code: Complete Guide

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HTML Color Code: Complete Guide

HTML Color Code Complete Guide

In a visual design, one of the very influential elements is the color palette used. Likewise with website design, where color combination options can increase or decrease visitor interactions with your website.

In the web design process, you will often use various html-based colors. HTML colors are represented in the form of code, which will certainly be very difficult to remember one by one.

Therefore, in this article we will discuss the complete HTML color code guide to help you improve efficiency in the process of selecting your website.

What is HTML color code?

HTML color code is three series of hexadecimal numbers that represent three primary colors namely red (R), green (g), and blue (b). The figure arrangement in the HTML color code is #RRGGBB.

This HTML color code can be used to change background colors, text, and tables on a website page.

For those of you who often make digital art, maybe you are familiar with color codes like #ffffff and # DC143C.

Then how can these HTML codes be colors other than red, green and blue?

The Hex Code combination consists of 16 digits: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, A, B, C, D, E, F. Here’s a brief explanation:

  • The number “0” is the smallest representation of a color, which means the primary color is not in combination.
  • Every level after “0” represents the primary color cleric in combination.
  • “2” means the intensity of color 2x is more concentrated.
  • “F” has a more concentrated 15x color intensity of “0”.
  • The combination of the 16 digits above can produce different color gradations.

This color representation is done three times, once for red, once for green, and one time for blue with a sequence that cannot be changed (#RRGBB).

So basically, hex code is a representation of red, green and blue intensity. The computer determines the intensity of the three colors and combines it into one new color.

An easy example to understand this concept is to remember the concept of color mixing. If you take one glass of red and green paint and mix it, then you will get bright yellow.

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In HTML color code, # FFFF00 is a hex code for bright yellow. Red and green is set with the highest intensity (“f”), while the blue color has intensity 0.

Tools and websites to find html color codes

Now you don’t have to bother because there are already many websites and tools that can make it easier for you to find and find HTML color codes for the color you want. This tool is commonly referred to as the term color picker. What are you doing?

Instant Eyedropper

Instant Eyedropper is a Color Picker program for Windows. Because it is a program, these tools can be used for other Windows web browsers and programs. Instant Eyedropper is one of the most widely used tools.

How to use it is quite easy, you only need to click on the icon that is on the system tray and bring your mouse to the color you want to know the code. After you release your mouse, the details about the color will be automatically copied to your clipboard.


ColorsNapper2 is a Color Picker program for Mac users. How to use it is quite easy because you just open the program, click on the part you want to know the details of the color. After that, select the color details you need, and they will be copied automatically to your clipboard.

Colorpick Eyedropper

For you Chrome users, you can use extensions. One of the famous Color Picker extensions is Eye Dropper. To select Color, you just click the Extension icon, click the Eyedropper button, and click the color you want to know the details.

With Eyedropper you can get color information in the HTML color code format or RGB details. In addition, you can also save the color to the history and automatically copy the color to your clipboard.

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For you Android users, there is also a Color Picker application that you can use on your mobile or device that is, Pixolor. Pixolor has a working way that is slightly different from other applications.

When activated, Pixolor will bring up a circle above the other application so you can zoom in to the color you want to know the HTML color code. Then, you can send these color details to your friends or to other devices.


This one is indeed not a color picker. But khroma is a website that uses artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence to make it easier for you to browse and compare color combinations.

The way it works is the user chose first 50 colors they like and from these colors, they will give you hundreds of colors that have a tone similar to the color you choose before. Not only the name, they will also give you the HTML color code so you can use it for your needs.


In this article we have discussed about HTML color codes. This HTML color code can indeed make it easier for you to make designs on computers and various devices.

Memorizing every HTML color code is also difficult, but now there are various tools, applications, websites, and extensions out there that you can use to make it easier for you to find the color you want.

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