How Unilever Developed a New EVP and Employer Brand

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Why I’ve stayed on is an alternate matter. First and highest quality, here’s a company that cares about making a change. Of course, we are looking to create results and earnings, but we also are looking to create a much better world, and we’d like our personnel and stakeholders to be part of this journey. The values and professional ethics that stem from the legacy that Unilever has, and that has kept us with the larger purpose, it spoils you. It’s a tradition that makes you want to come in and give your best day by day.

two decades down the road, I’ve been through so many reviews and roles, and yet there was no sense of fatigue and tedium, and that has kept me going. But while we raise the bar on our elegance, our talent context is being disrupted, just like our clients and channels are being disrupted. The talent canvas is no longer homogenous, and the talent needs in different parts of our company are various, and therefore there is not any one size fits all. Hence, there’s a need for us to be capable of shape and bring a talent technique that can be a hit in a world of seeming paradoxes. On the one hand, you’ve got surplus talent as era seeks to change people.

Equally, you have got talent shortages in areas where you want to ramp up skills, whether it’s electronic or precision marketing – these are where we need to build skills for the long run, but yet there are gaps. There is a dichotomy of too little and never enough at the same time. Unilever is a company that builds extraordinary brands; our employer brand needs to be a reflection of this. We approached this service provider brand development just like we craft any of our product brands. We accomplished an exhaustive piece of research, covering 300 inner and exterior voices, we benchmarked our competitors, and other business enterprise brands we predict are aspirational.

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And we considerably tested and validated this with talent internally, externally, advertising and marketing leaders, our various target audiences, and in that method, we learned that for an organisation brand to make an impact, it needs to be credible, relevant, differentiating and aspirational. And it’s the point where you’re really at the edge of the cliff, and that’s a real watch out. In that business at that point in time, we took our foot off the pedal, and not anything happened in the first few years as a result of certainly, the flexibility of an service provider brand is not something that fades in a year or two. But slowly and slowly we started seeing the impact in the great of talent that would ensue for interviews, in the variety of folks that would accept other offers and who would list other competition as dream employers. We saw ratings starting to dip, and more critical than any rating is the high-quality of talent that you just hire.