How To Write The Perfect Media Brief

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What DOES it take to write down the ultimate media brief?In this episode of MediaSnack we were encouraged to center around agency briefing by a chunk of recent research issued by the World Federation of Advertisers WFA the global marketing trade body. The analysis asked greatest marketing and agency experts to rate the great of briefing. It was a revisit from an analogous study in 2014 and shows a small but useful benefit in sentiment across the nice of briefings. You can read the total research in a blog post by WFA Head of Marketing Capabilities Rob Dreblow. It triggered Tom and David to trust what is needed to succeed in briefing businesses, particularly in media which, as a marketing discipline, has got much more complicated.

They indicate that writing briefs in accordance with a good template and format itself isn’t the major challenge and is just the end of the pyramid. The real problem is engineering an agency or a roster of agencies to be nicely set up for fulfillment. This involves:Once you have all these facets in place, then you definately need to be capable of properly evaluate the work coming back from the agency or businesses. An integrated brief calls for you to supply direction with out being prescriptive, you’re giving your agencies permission to put forward answers and so you ought to be capable of making decisions. We find that frequently, particularly regarding media, here’s a gap in features within marketing teams, having the depth of media information to be in a position to decipher media concepts and plans and make the correct funding choices. It all starts with a dedication to brief better and be mindful the cost that may be unlocked by briefing properly.

It takes some work to be great at briefing, it’s more than a template.