How to Write an Elevator Pitch Examples and Speech Template

As a Digital Marketing Manager at XYZ, I coordinate all stages of creating audiovisual advertising parts: from the concept, to execution, to promoting. At the beginning of last year, I got a list of 15 campaigns and a set budget for they all. Together with our Technology Department, we came up with a methodology of cross departmental communications calibrating the tech solutions with all team’s potential to cut redundant costs and increase efficiency. Under my management, we achieved all 15 tasks on time and over 10% below budget. By the tip of the year, sales from all campaigns contributed to increasing income by 48%.

Do you already know anyone who in reality enjoys the job search?I don’t. And it doesn’t shock me. It’s super disturbing and, worse than that, feels like you’re gambling a game towards recruiters. That’s because recruitment is a game. And I’m on a project to help job seekers win that game every time they play.

I write career advice in accordance with hard data and insights from actual HR pros. Thanks to my help, thousands of job seekers from all over the place the globe find and land careers they’ve always dreamt about: quickly and without a fuss.