How to use Mailchimp email marketing effectively

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How to use Mailchimp email marketing effectively

How to use Mailchimp email marketing effectively

How to use Mailchimp email marketing effectively

The guide we made related to email marketing this time will be very useful for those of you who have just developed your business online. For those of you who have long struggled in the field of marketing online, you might also need to read this guide to review whether you have utilized your online marketing tool effectively.

Why do we choose to discuss this One Marketing Tool Email? Of course, because we feel MailChimp has several advantages that you can use to increase your chances online.

Why choose MailChimp?

Mailchimp has existed for more than a decade and has grown rapidly with hundreds of thousands of customers who struggle in the business field online, both bloggers and company website developers.

So, this Mailchimp can be said to be a large email marketing/email marketing service or hard sell. But are they just enough to prove that this tool is good? Of course not. Let’s discuss the advantages and advantages of what they have!

The most important thing from MailChimp is easy to use even for beginners. You can create HTML email templates without any coding. Other features presented by MailChimp are also designed specifically so they are not complicated.

In addition, Mailchimp is well integrated into all popular software or CMS sort of WordPress. Actually, not only that, quoted from his website, they claim the MailChimp can be perfectly integrated with Shopify, Wufoo, Salesforce, Eventbrite, and SurveyMonkey.

So, it’s easy for you to synchronize data, import content from other sources while tracking your income. You need to first connect your accounts to get the advantage of the integration that has been mentioned.

Oh yes, MailChimp can also be operated from tablets or other mobile devices such as smartphones. So, you can send your campaign email from anywhere and anytime. In fact, for you Apple Watch users, you can also operate it from this gadget.

Mailchimp’s mainstay features

Well, here are some MailChimp’s mainstay features that we will briefly discuss the benefits for the development of your business online!

Marketing automation

What is Automation Marketing? Unlike traditional campaigns that only run once every road with difficulty, automation can be allowed to run in the background of your other activities, work on the task repeatedly as you wish.

You can welcome your new subscriber, reach out to people who leave their online shopping basket or do not buy it, or you can also win back customers who fail to achieve their loyalty. So, this Mailchimp can be a good help for the development of your business.

A / B testing

What is a / b testing? According to Wikipedia, A / B testing is a different type of testing of hypotheses on the web analytic.

On MailChimp, you can determine yourself what type of test or test you want to run as well as the size of your sample group. You can try making 3 variations on each test.

You can also use content, delivery time, and many more different variants in testing. Next, MailChimp can tell which is best for your campaign email and run it.

Special features of e-commerce optimization

With this e-commerce feature, you can learn products like what your customers buy, then increase your marketing relevance so that the level of conversion or sales becomes high.

Connect your e-commerce website to MailChimp to get order information, create a targeted campaign, automate the follow-up of its products, and send notifications that have been personalized.

Deep analysis

Available interactive charts from Mailchimp that will show you how many emails are sent, how many people open your email, what percentage is clicked, and there is still much other info.

You can pay attention to your marketing growth list from time to time, even tracking engagement based on location. Find out what you draw visitors to your website with a Click Map display from MailChimp.

Do most clicks be on the upper right or left side? Do your customers like pictures or better text links? So you can learn your user habits to increase your business opportunities.


Segmentation and grouping can simplify content delivery to people by making them feel more attention or familiar with you. Subscribe customers when registering, then you segment based on certain classifications.

What for example? Read interest for blog readers or product interests for product buyers. So your campaign email is more on target later, more effective.

We will tangent other benefits in the explanation of ways to use MailChimp effectively. See more!

Build email lists effectively with MailChimp

Before you use MailChimp to campaign your email, you need to first where to save your customer or client list. This will be a list that is very useful when managed.

Even though you can have several lists in MailChimp, the best way is to separate various types of customers based on Interest Groups. The practical rules are by making a separate list for projects or businesses that are completely different.

In this way, you can prevent double payment of the same number of customers who register in both email lists.

You must mention the public name for your new list. This name will be displayed on all your MailChimp pages, such as the signup page, confirmation page or thank you page. So the name is created in the form of a business name or your website.

Next, you have to redefine your identity from the name of the email and the sender’s name. If possible, try using a personal name that sounds more personal because the study has shown that the open rate will be higher than using the name of the website.

Next, on the “Create List”, you will be asked to fill in some information. The information is requested in the form of the name, date of birth even address. Release from the privacy case, you need to fill it as an anti-spam guarantee.

Before you start the Sign-Up Form settings to enter the Subscriber in the new list, you must confirm your shipping domain. Try clicking “Settings” then click “List Name and Defaults”. Then in the “Default Email Address” column at the bottom of the email address where you can verify.

How to Make and Integrate Mailchimp Signup Forms

Signup Forms is a place where people sign up for your list. So basically this is only input, a form that requests an email address of your prospective visitors.

MailChimp gives you different choices to make form signup depending on your needs and there is also much third-party integration available. This can help you integrate MailChimp with applications or general software like WordPress or Squarespace.

To make Basic Mailchimp Signup Forms, just select your list and enter “Signup Forms” then click “General Forms”.

You will now be able to see “Drag and Drop Mailchimp Form Builder” on the screen. We recommend that you keep this form as simple as possible. The more information you requested from your visitors, the less likely they are to register. Who wants to linger fill a series of forms?

So, the first thing you have to do is click on the “Last name” column and set the visibility field to “hidden” so it doesn’t appear again in your signup form. You can then delete the column and information more complete than your list by clicking the round button marked minus and confirm the removal by clicking the “Delete” button.

Next, you can upload images to signup your form and add some text that must be able to explain what visitors will get from your newsletter subscription. Don’t make this a matter of yourself, think about the benefits for subscribers.

You should also avoid words that are too to the point like “newsletter” or stiff by describing themselves with “me” or “us” calls.

What can they get? Try to emphasize there. Do quality blog content that can help them develop business? See our example of signup form back in the previous discussion.

The next step is to change the text commonly referred to as a signup button. People often make mistakes bypassing or skip this one stage. Even though this is also an important element that attracts someone to subscribe. If the words are boring, people become lazy to subscribe.

First, click “Translate It”

Then, scroll down to find the “Subscribe to list” column

After you are satisfied with the text you have changed on Click Button on the “Design”

tab try changing the background color, the color of the text, font, and tweaking some other settings. This way you can generate signup of your brand characteristics. After you finish designing the design, you can scroll back up and copy the “Signup URL” that can also be used as a landing page from your social media.

How to Setup Mailchimp Campaign

To create your first campaign email, try entering your dashboard menu, click “Campaign” then click “Create Campaign”

Next, you have to make a name for your campaign email. This is only a descriptive name that can only be seen by yourself and can also be changed later if you want to change it.

If this campaign email is an email you sent regularly, you must add the number. If only one promotional email one time sends, it usually only provides a promotional name, such as “what promotion is that”. After you have finished trying to click the “Create” button.

Then, on the next screen, you can specify the recipient of your campaign email. You will see in the next section how you can make segmentation or customer classification into different interest groups or simply depend on variables such as the general discussion fields (combined with several niche topics).

Our advice, if you are just starting your email marketing and having less than 10,000 subscribers simply send your campaign email to the entire list that is thereby clicking “Entire List”.

On the next page, select your campaign email template

Actually in choosing this template depend on the subject or topic of your email. But our advice, don’t overdo it or various in modifying it.

Why? People like emails that exist the impression of personalization is not the one who seems only the results of the blast of an industry or website. Anyway adjust the theme or needs and type of your business, but don’t overdo it.

Then, you will be able to use the Drag and Drop feature of MailChimp Campaign Builder. Don’t worry, because you will be led by some useful explanations if this is the first time you make a campaign email. Try the contents of the content like what to change the type of color and writing.

After ready, you can try to see the results without direct blast. You click “Preview and Test” in the upper navigation section.

Additional tips so that your campaign email is successful

Whenever you think of a particular email list-making technique, make sure it is following the style or sound and the purpose of your brand. You don’t need to track your subscriber and make an exaggerated campaign email.

Wrong, they will un-subscribe you or maybe your fall level. These are both things that will eventually hurt your overall website or business.

In the article, we discuss how you can personalize your email marketing in various ways. These methods are avoiding the language style and appearance of email campaigns that are similar to spam emails, create an outstanding email subject, and there are still many other interesting discussions.


Are you ready to use your Mailchimp effectively? In addition to the MailChimp’s guide above, we are also diligent in making content related to other complete and quality business development.

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