How to Use Afflow and Zeropark to Quickly Make $ Per Day


Hey, guys I’m Andrew. Also known as Mr. Payne on the forum, so now that you can put a face to that name that you just’ve seen a great deal around. I desired to shoot this quick video, as a result of I’ve noticed recently there’s been numerous great content material put out about how to use Afflow, often known as monetizer, and services like YTZ. There’s been great advice put out about that, and I’ve seen that there’s been a few follow alongs started as well, some newbies are using that to get their feet wet, get off the ground.

I conception I would chip in and show a strategy that I want to use to effortlessly find some converting segments, and customarily I can make a bit bit of money instantly, within about 24 hours, every now and then under that. I can find anything that’s working, and target that rather well, and get some money coming in. Usually I start with a test of about 100 bucks, find three or four geos and verticals that are working, and then I bounce over and target those areas mainly, and start making some money with that. I wanted to reveal you my approach. I mostly use it really for when I’m not inspired or I’m having a hard time discovering some big campaigns, and I just want to get some conversions coming in to get my heart rate beating a bit, but maybe you’ll find it effective, and I desired to share it with you.

You guys are the first people to see it so feel free to leave me a remark below, let me know what you consider it, and I hope it may help you somehow. Let’s take a step back to my desk, and I’ll show you precisely how to do it. All right, so the very first thing that we are looking to do is to log into Afflow. I’m not going to make it easier to set up your entire Afflow account, but I’m going to expose you the way I create my links when I’m going to run a test. Let’s go down here to the campaigns tab, click on links, and then we are looking to click the create link button.

We can see a number of options here. What I do for global crusade test is I keep it at V auto, which basically means the Afflow set of rules goes to use what it knows is working best in every geo, and based upon the site visitors phase type. Leave it at V auto. I have a default domain chose. I’m going to choose a league as global tests, and a lot of times I like to put in my own names. What we’ll do is video, competitive.

stands for aggressive. This is me establishing an aggressive link, I put the link name usually the same thing. We’re going to be working it on Zeropark, so we leave that alone. All this stuff can be populated if you do your Zeropark integration with Afflow. We want to make sure that every one of those items are enabled, so LP exit pop let’s make certain that’s enabled, all of those are enabled, 10 seconds, monetize desktop traffic, yes. We also are looking to add these in, but we’ll try this in precisely a moment.

For a common global test I don’t ever select anything different on these four options below the V auto options. Offer concentrated on, white directory, and routing. I always leave that an analogous. What I’m going to do is click create now. It’s telling me that I need to have a stability link create, which we’ll do this in exactly a moment here. Let’s go back in fact, click done, I’ll go back into an identical link that I just created.

We’re going to visit balance link, and we’re going to select the link that I just created, so what this is going to do is it’s going to serve a pop up that goes through the V auto link. Then when they try to bounce or exit, sorry not bounce or exit, however the back button bounce goes to send them right back through a similar exact link. It may or may not show them an analogous offer, but it’s going to send them right back to a similar link. I also love to do the same exact thing for the pop under link. I click an identical link, so essentially I’m just really aggressively advertising them via an analogous exact link irrespective of what they do, in order that’s how I care to do it. Then we’ll save alterations.

Then we’ll go to expose promoting methods, and this is where you have your different links, so this will be the link that we grab here, and also you’d put that link directly to your tracker. Now let’s go over to my tracker, and I’m going to show you guys a test that I ran back in November. I don’t use this method quite often. It’s not my core approach, it’s not how I make a lot of money. There doubtless are those who are making a good chunk of change using Afflow, and I’ve spoken to a couple of who have, but me individually it’s not my basic strategy.

But once in awhile I want to run it, it’s fun, it’s usually almost each time I run it I get some solid conversions, and I are likely to persist with Zeropark, and pa ads most of the time when I’m working my tests, but I also run tests on other site visitors resources in addition once in a while. As you could see here I have a few links setup. I’m unlikely to setup the one which we just had, but you’re taking that link that we had right there, grab that, add it to your tracker setup a crusade that’s direct linking to that one exact link, which would be like this one here. Monetizer, global, link aggressive. I had this one setup which was not an competitive one, but I had to alter it over real quick, as a result of I didn’t want traffic going into that one. This was a small test of something, I’m not even sure, but in any case.

As that you may see on this test, this was back in, this was about November 10th I consider last year, so a number of months ago I spent 100 dollars almost right on the dot, 100 dollars. Well, 100. 19, completely earnings was 43 dollars over this whole campaign, so it came in at about a terrible 56 % ROI. Usually when I do tests like this the preliminary 100 dollar test is anyplace from a bad 40 % ROI, to negative 60 % ROI, someplace in that ballpark is where it generally falls if you follow what I’m sharing. The cost per view, that’s the CPM I was literally bidding only 10 cents, which happily Zeropark let’s you try this.

You can see the complete variety of visits, etc. Another great advantage of operating this test if you have Voluum, and using Zeropark is that all of the site visitors events are absolutely free, so there’s no cost to that. That’s a great perk if you’re looking to be mindful of your budget, and get some momentum going with your online marketing efforts. What I want to do real quick is show you guys the consequences that I got by the nation, and I’ll show you the mobile providers, and a few other data, and the like. It shows you the best way to take segments which are ecocnomic really easily, create new campaigns focused on just those segments and make some quick earnings generally in under 24 hours, so once you get all your effects coming in, and all of the not on time conversions show up among 12 and 24 hours you have some very actional data to work with, and you may setup some new campaigns, and begin profiting.

Let’s go over here to the county part of this crusade test, and for now I’m going to sort by total number of visits. As you can see there’s traffic from all kinds of various geos. I went into Zeropark and I actually chose each possible geo. Now keep in mind should you’re operating these form of tests I like to try to spread it out over a 12 hour period, or close to that, because you have different time zones, different times of the day, so one geo would possibly not work very well at this time, but in 12 hours from now when it’s sunlight hours in that geo it may in all probability work. It’s a very good idea to maybe run two tests, one over a primary 12 hour period, after which the second one test over a second 12 hour period that way you get a full 24 hours of checking out, but you could follow the process that I’m speaking about.

What I usually find irresistible to do is I like to sort by total conversions, and this lets me know what geos are actually showing conversions, and I typically only pay numerous attention to geos that are converting four, five, six conversions, or more with my preliminary test. As you could see most of these geos got anyplace from a 1. 50, well even as low as nine cents here. But you can see there’s been numerous different geos among a couple of pennies up to four, five dollars is actually what’s being spent per geo, but it’s enough data coming in to get some preliminary outcomes. What that you could see here is for those who study the ROI column, 220, two percent ROI, 255 % ROI, 105 % ROI, 160 percent ROI, so these are appearing great signs. Typically I look for anything that’s poor 50 percent ROI or better, as a result of a large number of times when you dive into it a little bit additional you see that the mobile provider, or a distinctive working system like Android, or IOS is doing very well, and in some cases there might be only one really spectacular placement that’s doing all the conversion.

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If you’re concentrated on just that it turns that crusade ecocnomic in an instant. What I want to do next is go to the grouping here, and I’m going to choose mobile service, and we’ll click apply. We’re going to alter this to table, as a result of what I want to do is show you, see what the coolest absolute segments are that’s working. Let’s see the primary one which’s getting us the most conversion is in the country of Ukraine. The mobile service I’m not even going to try and pronounce that, but that’s the mobile provider.

If you look here I got 2,275 visits, and 31 conversions. I actually spent 27 cents, and I made five dollars, that’s a huge ROI, look at that right there. 1900 percent ROI, five dollar take advantage of just a quick simple test. Now, what I would suggest doing is going within Afflow, you can study your stats in Afflow, and discover the exact offer in vertical this is converting for this nation under this mobile carrier, and that would create a new link that’s targeting just that certain offer. Some people want to add then varied offers, or keep it open to the complete vertical for that geo, but I favor to just target that actual offer, milk the coolest offer while it’s still available, after which move on from there. But if you look out of my initial test I have the Ukraine, here’s Mexico with the mobile service Movie Star.

I spent one penny, actually one penny, and it made two dollars, and 52 cents, that’s a good huge ROI, but again here’s small volumes. But if you see here you have Brazil, that you could look and dive a bit bit further into the stats for Brazil and see what’s up, same for Morocco, Thailand, here we go Australia. This is a four cent offer, and it’s converting at 38 percent, that’s huge, and just a little bit of traffic coming in. I would take all of these that are already showing a high ROI, again crate their own actual link in Afflow, create a new campaign for each particular person nation concentrated on just those vendors, and setup a campaign to focus on using just that new link for that one geo, and provider, so you’ll have a handful of little bitty campaigns, but collectively you can be doing 50 to 100 dollars a day in exactly a day or two after you’ve run the initial test results. If you look here even this one here, Malaysia.

You have this one down here that’s a possible, that is Indonesia with the provider XL. Some of these the volume is actually small, so the sample data may not be enough to really say, okay it’s going to be a good profit campaign, but if you get to the ones which are like this, 10 plus conversions, especially Ukraine then you can totally make good money off of it for a couple of days, so completely dive in and do so. I can tell you of course, since this crusade is a bit bit older I did run through and revisit the Australia four cent offer one, and I did make some good money off that for a few days in addition to some of those other ones that you simply see here. Just to provide you with a little bit additional example let’s break things down a bit extra. Let’s go into this drilled down report, or just break it down this manner, here we go. Sorry, it’s a little bit older data, so it’s taking a moment here to load up.

We got the Ukraine, we’ll go over here to the mobile provider. Come on. We can see that wifi got one conversion, but look at the ROI. We don’t want to address any of these as a result of none of those converted, but this one’s changing like crazy, so let’s click that, dive down a little bit further. Just to get a idea of what’s working let’s click on OS.


We are looking to see what OS is using all of the outcomes. As we can see here very nearly all of the site visitors is coming straight from Android, so a better thing we are looking to do is let’s go over here to focus on, and let’s see if it’s converting by a number of various placements, or in the event that they’re just a handful of various placements which are converting. All right. Great. Look here. There’s about, I don’t know how many actual placements are sending site visitors, but not a ton, but if you’ll notice many of the conversions are coming from on the subject of 10, or 15 placements at the moment.

There could potentially be greater than that, but you know obviously that you could be bidding up pretty effortlessly on these, and get some quick traction coming in. But even if you’re focused on just these from just a small test of, you know, half an hour, or an hour, or however long the test went for this certain geo. Look at these ROIs coming in from that, so that you could effortlessly make some easy cash doing this, and so this is a good way to understand you target Ukraine, target this mobile provider, and you setup a campaign that’s concentrated on just the Android OS since we notice that all of the site visitors is Android that’s working. We can also check devices simply to make sure it’s all coming from a mobile device. If you see here it’s coming from both mobile and tablet, so I would mean focused on both mobile, and tablet.

Then for this crusade I would target all, I would run a RON crusade on Zeropark, and just target every thing, but then just watch it, and anything else that’s not converting really simply, or at a profitable rate just blacklist those placements. Let’s see if there was any bad placements which could’ve been blacklisted in this here. We’ll sort by a complete variety of visits. Look at this one, the first actual one 150 visits, zero conversions. It only spent a penny, but more than likely it’s not going to convert a lot.

It’s possible so I wouldn’t cut it out at the moment, but if you notice the ones that are changing really well are already converting dissimilar times off of just a couple of pennies, so if you are looking to get the revenue really simply just cut everything that’s not changing really quick, and focus on people who have become diverse conversions very easily. That means you’re going to cut all of the bad placements out, and concentrate on just what’s working immediately, and start making revenue. What I want to show you real quick is going back to Afflow. Let’s say that we’re making a new link once you’ve found a geo that works well, and a vertical that works well, and if you dive into your stats under Afflow that you can really look at exactly the vertical, and in particular the offer number that they’ve assigned, that’s working well. What I cherish to do is I like back, take that vertical, and let’s say that vertical is apps, after which I’ll re setup everything similar to I did the first time. Same thing with the pop under, the balance link, all that stuff make sure this is all enabled, and then I go to give targeting, and now I type in the country, that you’ll say Ukraine.

I select just Ukraine, because I want to be very exact, and if you notice for Ukraine targeting apps these are all the offer numbers that they’re rotating. Now occasionally I let it rotate all of the offers in that vertical, other times if say this was the offer that was performing very well in my Afflow stats I will target just that one offer, and let it run, as a result of a lot of times these other offers might not be appearing at all, or just at a much lesser rate, so I just want to milk it while I can, and I target just that real offer. We’re focused on Ukraine, just this specific offer, as a result of we all know that that’s working with the carrier, and everything that we have got been targeting. Yeah, so there we go. I don’t really mess an excessive amount of with these other things.

You can do the carriers if you wanted to, but it’s easier just to keep it all provider, as a result of we know that this offer is operating for the service that we’re going to be concentrated on on the traffic source, so at that time again you click create. Of course I don’t have every thing setup, but you create it all, setup a new campaign, add this to your tracker, and also you’re good to go, and you should start profiting. Again set your bid low, I would set a small budget, and kind of do an identical manner to just see what’s working, and cut out what’s not working pretty easily. I put in combination just a short slide to expose you the system what I want to call find the honey method. Part one is just setting up your initial Afflow link, and constructing your preliminary global Zeropark campaign, which I can run via in precisely a moment, and show you variety of the common way to set that up.

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What you are looking to do is make sure you create an competitive link in Afflow, set up the crusade in Zeropark, targeting all the geos, set your initial budget to only five bucks. Reason why is because you’re concentrated on all the geos you’re going to get a massive amount of site visitors, and it’s going to blow through that five dollars very quickly, but if you place the budget low, Zeropark’s system is going to stop the traffic once it can, and you’ll doubtless end up with like 10 or 15 dollars in spend, which is fine, that’s what you want, since it’s spread out across so various nations, but always keep your preliminary budget very low. Same thing together with your preliminary bid set your initial bid at 10 cents, CPM, not 10 dollars, not a dollar, 10 cents. Which is . 0001.

Let your budget run out wait about 30 to 60 minutes, because conversions are a large number of times very behind schedule in Afflow, just the way in which the system is setup. Sometimes it’s real time, infrequently it’s not it’s going to depend on the offer, and who it’s coming from. There’s numerous times where you’ll still get conversions hours, and even up to 24 hours or so later, so generally most of the people are available in pretty simply though. But you want to wait before you do another budget adjustments to the campaign. You are looking to be sure something’s working, and not just blowing via all your budget. Part two to here is you are looking to gather data for the global campaigns, for the worldwide geos rather.

You want to review the information, pause any geos in Zeropark with greater than five dollar spend, and are negative 75 % ROI or worse. That’s since it’s just not showing numerous competencies early on, so you want to preserve your budget and be safe with that. The next thing you want to do is augment your budget an alternate five bucks, and then repeat the manner, run more site visitors again, let Zeropark shut down site visitors once it hits your budget, and you can reanalyze the data once again. Pause any geos that are not acting, or that experience spent five bucks, and are worse than bad 75 % or worse. Now, if the geo has spent five dollars, and it shows sign of life, love it has capabilities.

I generally still pause it, and go ahead and start diving into the details of it, and to setup a new crusade, so you don’t need to keep working traffic to something that’s already working just go ahead and move that to it’s own campaign, and let remainder of your task budget go to the other geos that you’re still seeking to test. I generally spend about 100 dollars on that preliminary test that I try to unfolded over an eight to 12 hour period. Sometimes it doesn’t last that long, but so long as you’re getting some conversions coming in, then I usually type of let it run, but the main thing is you are looking to spread that budget out across as many geos as possible to see what’s definitely working, and give each a great opportunity. The third part is you are looking to review the info, like I just showed you in my tracker you are looking to go through and type the info by most conversions, after which click the view that shows you the country, and the mobile provider that’s acting well. Look for the rest with five plus conversions, and 100 percent ROI or better, that’s just type of like a basic line to variety of judge things by, absolutely which you can use your own judgment, and as you start to use the method like this things might expand, and also you may be a bit more flexible with that line if you prefer to.

Then you furthermore mght want to examine geo mobile service, and goals just to see if it’s changing across numerous various placements, or if it’s converting across just a handful. Make sure you furthermore mght check your operating system Android, IOS simply to see what’s working, and your device type just to be certain that for those who setup the recent crusade that you simply’re targeting only what’s actually changing to your preliminary test. That way you don’t waste any spend, or time, and also you just start making some green profit directly. Lastly, this is separating the coolest segments, create the new Afflow link for each geo, and the good performing offer, setup a new crusade in Zeropark concentrated on just those best segments, like I just mentioned, and then straight away take a similar process. Bid low, start with a lower budget, and display screen the info coming in.

Cut any placements that aren’t converting, like on those low payout offers if things aren’t converting really easily you probably just go ahead and block those placements, and that’s it. That’s learn how to quickly jump into making extra earnings. Now I’ll just easily show you how you can setup that campaign in Zeropark. You can simply go to new campaign, top rate PPV, you are looking to go to multi geo, click on run crusade, type on your crusade name, click over here to nations, we’ll just say test crusade. Go to countries, I’d do select all, again set your bid to . 0001, set your budget to 5 bucks.

Go to show all, I want to click mobile, and in this case I usually leave it just as is. I don’t change anything else. I are looking to get as much crazy site visitors as possible. I go to the frequency filters, I click on 24 hours, I do both adult, and non adult. For day parting, nothing gets changed, and also you add your crusade link right here.

Click save, and also you’re good to go. Right away your campaign is set. You can run this type of campaign all the time, so that you could use one campaign, and that one global link that you simply setup in Afflow, and then just now and again revisit this, and retest that day, or that week, or whatever you’re desperate to do, and get things rolling from there. I hope this helps you guys, get you some ideas. It’s really geared for the newbies, or the .

Those who are only looking to get their feet wet, and never lose a lot of money, but they are looking to get some traction going with their online marketing efforts, and just ultimately you could see some conversions coming in straight away, and notice some green profit, which is often a mental boost, and it just variety of helps you take that next step. Cheers, guys. I just posted this on STM, so this has not been posted wherever else, so for now it’s exclusive to you guys. But shortly it can be posted on my blog that I’m launching soon, so stay tuned for additional info. I’m going to try to put out some more content like I have been ago on STM. I’ve been really busy lately, but I want to kind of give back some more, so cheers, guys.

3. For sources like PopAds, you are not able to adjust the bids on an individual placement level – only at the campaign level. So when you have a placement it is converting but its not profitable at your present bid level you will are looking to blacklist it in that campaign and then create a new Low Bid campaign to put those form of placements in. Likewise, you want to create a High Bid campaign to push your most profitable placements in so that you can bid higher on just those placements to try and increase how much traffic you obtain from them. That way you’re effectively dealing with your bids based on the placements performance.

Traffic sources like Zeropark you don’t are looking to worry about that since you can adjust the bid on each individual placement in one campaign.