How to Start a Blog in Free Easy to Follow Guide for Beginners

Hello Jamie, I need your advice. I need you to hang my hand and walk with me towards making a blog. I am a novice in writing and I haven’t blogged before. I have written a motivational book. The title is: “No One Can Beat You In being You At Your Best!” It has 29 Topics and 112 pages.

I have inserted motivating/inspiring/spirit lifting free for advertisement use images from Prixabay I am a subscribed member and motivational quotes. I have had it self edited, scanned and rescanned for accidental grammar and plagiarism, using Grammarly and DupliCheck instrument tools. I don’t have funds to print big copies for sale with out knowing if it’ll sell adequate copies to make as a minimum a break even return on the advantage funding. Hi, it’s me again, with an extra query!So I have this free blog on . wordpress. com.

Is it possbile to head it?I figured that since it’s free I could take my time to beef up it, write a piece of writing once in some time, add pages for example, redirecting to my etsy shop, add links, photos, my logo, customize the theme, etc. And when I decide my blog/web page is more than enough that would take a while, I would buy internet hosting and a website name with bluehost. Will I be capable of take the content material and design of my free blog and move it into my domain name and new hosting?I’m not exactly sure how I’d try this technical stuff. With regards to the kind of content material that I create with a view to get links, its mainly inventive content. Stuff that folks will get quite a number use from. Guides, cheat sheets, how to’s etc.

Think about your niche and what that you would be able to create to help people out. So if you’re into hippy stuff, then maybe which you can create a guide on all of the hippy type events, fairs, meetings, meet ups that’s going on in 2018. Create a calendar graphic / guide / wall chart that folks can download after which email every single hippy related web page / employer / competition organiser and tell them about your content material. Ask for links, featured posts etc. There’s a lot of stuff that you can create to get your blog rocking!Stuff like this could set your web page apart from anything else of the sites to your niche.

Hi Jamie!I’ve just read your platform evaluation and How to start a blog article. Great info, thanks a lot!I’m attempting to find a new source of income so I’m exploring the blog option for ads, affiliate links and promoting my Etsy printables shop but I work full time already. I see a whole lot “How I made 50k in two hours from my blog while elevating 5 kids and working a full time job” kind of articles but, let’s be real.