How to Start a Blog in and Make Money: Ultimate Guide to Learn Blogging

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Yes, millions of people around the world are turning to making money from home—rather than pursuing a traditional 9 to 5 job. Blogging can be one of the most profitable online businesses with very low startup costs. You don’t need to blog full time either. Even part time bloggers can earn well into the six figures from their blogs each year, like I’ve done for many years here.

Starting my blog on the side of my day job helped me build a six figure freelance writing business. Eventually, I monetized more by taking advertisements and sponsorships, offering online courses, launching a podcast and more which we’ll get to later. While I’m a major advocate of using self hosted WordPress to start a blog especially if you want to maximize your ability to make money from your blog in the long term, it’s still possible to use a CMS platform like Wix for your blog instead. However, one of the major considerations to keep in mind with using Wix to make a blog, is that you won’t get the benefit of having the world’s most flexible, functional CMS WordPress at your fingertips. And that flexibility pays off big time when it comes to creating a blog that can deliver a great experience for your future readers—and also give you the most opportunities to monetize your content.

Now, what if someone reads your About page and says “Well, this isn’t for me?” That’s perfectly fine. The more you know your ideal reader, the better your blog will serve that person. Just like when you were picking your blog niche, if you try to write for everyone, you’ll end up writing for no one. 3. Why should they listen to you?If you’ve done a good job in the first few sections, your reader should have a pretty good idea of who you are and be able to decide whether or not they want to keep reading you. However, at this point, it doesn’t hurt to talk a bit more about yourself and sell them on why you’re the blog they should follow.

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When you’re making your blog’s Contact page, it’s not enough to just put up the form, however. You need to think about why someone would want to get in touch with you. Can you answer basic questions upfront with an FAQ on your contact page?If you’re selling your services, can you tell people basic requirements so you don’t waste each other’s time?Draw on your purpose as a blogger when writing your contact page. For my blog, I know that people reading it might want to hire me to help them with their own content marketing. Which is why I’ve chosen to make my Contact page more focused around the topic of how to “Work with Me” on my blog.

This page says exactly what I do, who I’m looking to work with, and gives opportunities for people to get in touch. A blog niche is more than just a topic area. It’s the approach you’re going to take, the audience you want to go after, the way you’re going to talk to them and how you’ll position yourself. A niche doesn’t need to be your passion although it’s easier to stay committed to your blog when you’re passionate about it, but it does have to be an interest of yours. The best niches are exciting enough that you’ll be motivated to continually write, and accessible enough that you can build an audience.

So, whether that means Medieval history, traditional Mexican cooking, sharing lessons learned as a startup founder, or knitting tips, your niche is up to you. How to republish your content on other sites click to expand If a large guest blogging campaign isn’t in the cards right now, try reposting your content on Medium—a site that’s free to use for readers and writers. You can even look for a Medium Publication that’s popular in your niche and submit your post to them. There’s also Quora—a question and answer site that lets anyone respond to user’s queries. One tactic I’ve used is to search for relevant topics in my niche and then answer questions I’ve already written about on my blog like this Quora answer about how to get blog traffic that’s received hundreds of upvotes and thousands of views.

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This way I know I’m giving them good value and can even link back to the full post on my blog. Lastly, if you’re more business oriented in your blog posts, you might want to post them on LinkedIn where that audience spend a lot of their time. The key point to all of this, is that you want to look for places where your audience is—and be present there. Whether that’s other blogs, communities, or social platforms.