How to safety shop online

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How to safety shop online

How to safety shop online

The pandemic effect that currently forces us to limit activities outside the home, of course, shopping online is one of the smart choices. In this article, we will discuss how to shop online safely.

According to the surveration of the Central Statistics Agency, 9 out of 10 people chose to shop online in 2020. The growth of the marketplace sector in Indonesia in 2020 was also very rapid. The Big Data Review issued by BPS estimates the e-commerce sector in Indonesia in April 2020 sold 10.7x more goods compared to January 2020.

Risk of Online Shopping

Indeed shopping at Marketplace is one of the activities that greatly makes it easier for us to get the items we need.

However, online shopping has several risks:

  • Fraud in an untrusted online store.
  • Data Theft When payment uses a public WiFi connection.
  • The rise of online stores, websites, and email offer fake products.
  • Receive items that are not following the description of the ad.\

Security when shopping online

Using the internet for shopping certainly saves time and energy. Kamau can also be free to choose the items you want to buy.

At present, there have been many marketplaces that offer guaranteed financial data, your payment, and personal data such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Lazada, and many more. Even so, it doesn’t mean you can ignore the security of your data and your device while shopping online.

In all online buying and selling activities, there must be a risk factor that needs to be considered so that you do not become a victim of cybercrime which is currently rife.

Tips on How to Shop Safe Online

Safe shopping online means starting from taking fraudulent prevention steps. Here are some tips during shopping online that you should follow:

1. Online store research before shopping

One way to shop online is safe is to research the store you want to buy the product.

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When you want to shop at an online store that you don’t know, read the reviews and make sure there are no consumers reporting fraud.

2. When in doubt, leave

These tips apply to online stores, emails, and all kinds of other online buying and selling activities. If you feel unsure about an email or online shop, don’t transact there.

3. Be careful in sharing information

Information protection is a key step from how safe online shopping. Your personal and financial information is very valuable data and must be protected.

When shopping online, beware of the types of information requested. Make sure the information is needed to process transactions.

4. Use a safe payment method

VISA CREDIT CARDS OR MASTERCARD is a choice of methods that are highly recommended for shopping online. Both credit card publishers require users to include OTP (one-time-password) sent to their cellphones before the transaction is processed.

5. Secure the device with antivirus

Make sure all devices are connected to the web, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets, free from malware.

6. Activate Two-Factor Authentication

Protect all your accounts by activating two-factor authentication (TFA). TFA is useful as an additional layer of security other than passwords and pins.

7. Use a powerful password

Make sure your password is strong enough so that your account is safe from the threat of data hackers. You can also use the generator application and password storage like LastPass, Dashlane, and so on to help store your data.

8. Avoid using the same password

Whatever the reason, never use the same password for your accounts. This is very dangerous if done because if one account is hacked, all your accounts can be affected.

Security mobile devices to safe shopping online

Here are some mobile device security tips for safe shopping from your mobile or tablet:

1. Avoid opening links from unknown senders

Of course, you have registered an account by email, right?

Surely at this time, your email inbox is certainly often filled with promotions of various sires. If you see an email from an unknown sender, never open the link sent. This is useful for protecting your data from phishing.

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2. Use mobile antivirus protection

With increasing malware on mobile devices, the use of antivirus protection becomes a necessity.

Before starting shopping, complete your smartphone and tablet with an antivirus application. Search for applications that can detect malware and block malicious websites.

3. Always use a trusted browser

Always use a trusted browser such as Chrome, Firefox, and EDGE in online activities. Make sure you are always updated to the latest too because developers always add additional security features in the latest version of the application.

4. Use a trusted shopping application

At present there are many online store applications scattered, make sure you choose the names that are already trusted and protected from Siber’s crime.

5. Avoid transactions on public Wi-Fi

Public wi-fi is often used by many people, and the connection channel is often open to anyone. Therefore, avoid transactions or access your financial accounts while on public Wi-Fi.


Online shopping is indeed very easy for us to buy everything, especially when we have a daily busyness that cannot be abandoned.

Even so, we must remain vigilant in sharing our financial and personal information during online shopping. Make sure the online store you visit already has an SSL certificate which is one of the security measure values ​​of a website.

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