How to Run PUSH Campaigns from Scratch and Make Lambo Money Step Guide


From my spreadsheet on Google, I took some side notes and these are the geos I am working SWEEPS on: TH BR ZA Here’s something new, called SPYPUSH – The best spying tool that just came out to the general public. What I do is take the country, and select it from the drop down, then select the language, and type by popularity and browse around. I am searching for ads which are related to my offers my rep gave me. So in my case giveaways, sweepstakes, win ads. You might be capable of finding all kinds of ads, and here’s where numerous associates screw up – they get sucked into all of the opportunities and get off target.

They think the grass is greener, maybe I should try dating, maybe I should try some type of health ads, maybe I should try ecom on PUSH. After Running About $1000 in spend, I was in a position to get enough statistically large data find my top sources that did best in the true geo and gave me enough ROI so that the daily fluctuations were not an issue since not daily is a same this is very important for achievement I then went ahead, and created one campaign for each source one after the other. This allowed me full control so that I can test adaptations of my creatives in line with my top 3 4 best acting creatives from my ‘data collection’ preliminary crusade. I started each crusade with a daily budget of $100 and had 20 campaigns, so that’s $2000 per day budget universal. I let it each spend $20 before deciding to kill it or leave it.

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My approach was, if it was near break even or worse, I killed it. If it was break even or in profit I left it working. Step 1 Talk to your rep at Gotzha and ask them what other geos the give you are running is available in. Step 2 Take these offers, and begin them off on the successful placements BUT here’s the name of the game most won’t tell you also make a totally different crusade, exclude the winning resources on here and let it collect more data so you find more successful assets in that nation the offer is in. Step 3 Increase the budget on your campaigns slowly and display screen.

The last thing you want is to take your winner that’s making you 100% ROI, up the budget 10x sorry Grant Cardone BS doesn’t work here after which go out and have a good time with bottle service at the club — only to come to be told that your $10,000 budget was spent, and also you only made back $2000. It happens. Remember, always to be vigilant and display screen your campaigns intently!Real life affiliate marketing online is not like what the fake gurus tell you that you simply set it up, and you live it up. NO NO, you must monitor your stats, make changes, baby sit everything as you never know when shit can go wrong. Hope you respect the honesty. PUSH on Zeropark is insanely great satisfactory, among the best things I liked about ZP is how spectacular their support staff are.

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They approve things really fast when you consult with your rep, and they are there to present insights and help you with ideas on how much to bid to get top traffic volume. I never expected this to scale to $XXX,XXX in profit but it’s rather well on its way. We ran High Payout Sweeps offers from Gotzha, which ones mainly I will not share because I want to ride this out and purchase an alternative scooter. If you want to give this a go, follow the advice – if you do your individual thang then it won’t be how we do it. You must follow a system down to the T to make it work. You are welcome to do your individual shit, but then things might work differently.

Lots of variables at play. iAmAttila is a serial entrepeneur that began performance online affiliate marketing in 2008 building and rating sites. After the google humminbird update made SEO rating way harder he switched to paid advertisements in 2012. Ever since switching to paid ads, he has spent over 8 figures in ad spend promoting a considerable number of of verticals and adapting to new alterations and demanding situations as they arise. on iAmAttila.

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