How to Promote Your Blog Posts and Get Traffic for FREE!

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This is a guest post by Miraj Gazi. He is a Superb Digital Marketing Strategist & Blogger From New Delhi, India. Miraj runs where he shares actionable tips and ideas of effective SEO, Social Media and Digital Marketing. Apart from this, he loves eating mangoes with his son Zaid Ahmad.


You have just published a great new blog post and you are so excited that you’ve shared your knowledge, ideas, and expertise with the world. But what next? If you don’t promote your blog post, how will anyone know about your content?

Knowing how to promote your blog posts is necessary if you want to get more visitors across the web and build your own audience. There are some cool content optimization tricks you need to be aware of if you want to make that happen.

Even great blog posts can go unnoticed without a proper content promotion strategy!

I am going to show you a step-by-step way of using techniques that will help you promote your blog post but at first you need to have high-quality content; otherwise, your promotion efforts will be failed.


1. Write a Powerful and Compelling Title:

A powerful blog post title makes all the difference! Make sure, you have crafted an attention-grabbing headline. A good headline cuts through the noise in the internet world so your message stands out. The majority of the web users use the post title to decide whether or not to read your article.

It doesn’t matter how good your article is, if your blog post has a weak headline, it won’t get read. So take your time to write the blog post titles. You should treat your post title as a mini advertisement copy for your work.


2. Use Design Section & Multimedia Content:

You can grab viewer’s attention with different types of design options like embedding image slider, Nav notification bar & marque text etc. Another option is using multimedia content; infographics, videos, slide embed posts, etc. You need to explore creative ways to present your content and give users a strong reason to click your link.


3. Make It Easy to Share Your Blog Post:

It is really important to make sure that the social sharing icons are really clear, visible and working properly on a mobile device.


4. Use Google Plus Effectively:

Google plus has lots of untapped opportunities to promote your blog and drive traffic to it. Google+ Communities provide a fab way to expand your reach and digital networking. Communities are online groups or interactive forums.  If you engage in the communities pro-actively, you can build your authority and present yourself to a large audience group.


5. Build an Email List:

Yes! We all are aware of the spammy marketing Emails that we get every day. But you are definitely making a Huge MISTAKE if you are not building an email list. To drive an impressive amount of traffic to your blog through emails, you need to get a great email list for sure.


6.  Use SlideShare Wisely:

SlideShare is among the top 120 most-visited websites in the world with 60 million unique visitors per month and 215 million page views. It is the largest professional content sharing community. [Resource]

SlideShare is the YouTube of the content sharing platform. SlideShare lets you hit multiple targets such as content marketing, brand building, Lead generation, Social Media Marketing(SMM) and SEO at once. Create a SlideShare presentation of your latest blog post and at the end of the presentation, links back to your content. You can extend its reach by sharing it to the social media platforms.

Content promotion Benefits


7.. Create Stories Using Storify:

Storify enables us to create great stories. It is really easy to use, makes you able to create a great visual story that engages your readers. Storify lets you build a story from the below list of resources:

  • Storify itself
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • Getty Images
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Breaking News
  • Chute
  • Giphy
  • Sound Cloud
  • Zemanta
  • Disqus
  • Get Glue
  • Stock Twits

Storify also provides you the opportunity to search Quotes, Images, Videos, and Links to add in your stories. You can share your stories on various social media platforms also.

Here are some instructions and FAQs that will help you to create Storify stories.


8. Your Blog Post:

I think is the best website for content curation right now. Guillaume Decugis is the Co-Founder & CEO of Scoop it. More than 1,000,000 people and businesses are now using! [Resource] You can check out this video to know what is and how it works! The free subscription is powerful enough for your general content curation needs. But if you want to use your own Analytics (and connect your Scoop it board to Google Analytics), then you need to subscribe the premium business plan.

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9. Pin Your Images at Pinterest:

Now, Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social media platform. According to the latest Shareaholic Social Media Traffic Report; Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. If properly you utilize Pinterest, it becomes a striking platform of visual storytelling and can drive potential visitors to your website.

Some Pinteresting tips:

  • Choose an eye-catching and interesting image from your blog post to pin.
  • Make sure that the title of your blog post is visible on the chosen image.
  • Add keywords in the description section.
  • Mention influencers for engagement, you can @ mention them on Pinterest.
  • Keep Your Pinned content descriptions between 200 and 300 Characters.
  • Calls to Action is a must.


10. Use Facebook to Increase Your Reach:

Facebook provides a great opportunity to promote your content, get it shared and increase your blog post readership. Keep these things in mind:

Use Cool Images:

Use full-sized and relatable images to make your blog post visually appealing and you are definitely going to get more Likes, Comments, and Shares.

Make Your Updates Short:

People don’t like too much text in a social media update. Also remember that lots of your Followers and Fans are using Facebook on mobile, too. So keep this in mind when you’re creating your Facebook post.

Include a Call to Action:

Always use a strong call to action to drive social media traffic to your website.

 Respect Your Audience:

People don’t like spammers. Don’t spam and Add Value (Please!).

Some Facebook Statistics:

  • Engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Image posts get 39% more interaction.
  • Shorter posts get 23% more interaction
  • Question posts get 100% more comments.

Best Times to post on social media


11. Use Twitter Wisely:

If used properly, Twitter can drive lots of traffic back to your blog. But simply tweeting the title of your blog post with a shortened link back to the content will not going work. Use short and thought provocative tweets, hashtags, people @mentions, and visually appealing images wisely.

Some Interesting Twitter Statistics:

  • Engagement rates are 17% higher on weekends for brands.
  • Retweets have been shown to be highest at around 5 pm.
  • For clicks, the best times seem to be around noon and 6 pm.
  • Tweets with image links get 2x more engagement rate.
  • Tweets with less than 100 characters get 17% more engagement rates.
  • Tweets with hashtags get 2x more engagement rates.


12.. Reddit It:

Reddit, the cyber-culture phenomenon, is an awesome content-sharing community where users vote and comment on various links, GIF images, original ideas and experiences, questions, photos, videos, etc. that they find share-worthy. Reddit calls itself ‘The Front Page of the Internet’ and for many people on the web – it is really just that.

Yes! Like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus!  Reddit is not a perfect platform for all online marketers. You can’t utilize your Reddit account like some people utilize their Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. Reddit says “It’s perfectly fine to be a Redditor with a website, it’s not okay to be a website with a Reddit account.”

Redditors are young, tech-savvy, geeky, curious and internet literate. The Reddit culture is really tough and challenging if you don’t have a thick skin or you have a low tolerance. Success on the Reddit Community depends on your niche industry and how you present yourself and your posts. When pitching on Reddit, You have to remember that you are dealing with the toughest crowds on the web. The Redditors are tough people who will vote you down painfully or blast you in the comments section.

When you are going to use Reddit, at first check out the Reddit Etiquettes, Rules, FAQs and Self-promotion page carefully.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • DO NOT post only your content.
  • If you are downvoted, DO NOT ask the reason; no matter how badly you want to know that.
  • The post title is the most important part of Reddit. So use eye-catching titles.
  • Be a real person.
  • Bring something new to the audience.
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A successful marketing strategy that using Reddit can:

  • Drive traffic to a website/blog.
  • Increase awareness about your brand or about a particular event.
  • Improve brand reputation and extend digital reach.

How to Submit a Post on Reddit?

Write Attractive Title:

Your creativity with words will shine here. Make the title short and to the point. Controversial or weird titles do very well on Reddit.

What Kind of Posts Work on Reddit?

  • Personal experiences.
  • Photography
  • Technology
  • Food
  • Politics
  • Educational facts
  • Comics
  • Video games
  • Music
  • Fitness

Choose the Correct SubReddit:

Reddit post entries are categorized into areas of interest called “subreddits”. When posting on Reddit, make sure that you choose a proper subreddit that is relevant to your link or text post and has a fair amount of subscribers.

Some Popular SubReddits:

Be an active Redditor:

On numerous occasions, Reddit users commenting on your submission will check your public Reddit profile and submission history. Your Reddit profile page has records of your previous submitted links and comments. So you need to make sure that it doesn’t look like a spammer.


13. Curate at Delicious

Delicious is an awesome content curation tool, owned by the YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. With Delicious, you can save, manage and share web pages in a centralized source. If used properly, Delicious can be a great source of inbound links, traffic and brand exposure. But most of the online marketers (including myself) tend to not use it as effectively as possible.


14. Post to BizSugar

BizSugar is owned and operated by Anita Campbell. It is a niche resource and social networking platform for the small & medium business community. With over 175,000 registered members based around the world, it is an effective way to target the niche community, promote your content and drive targeted traffic towards your website.

BizSugar is a great place and a fab way to share your blog posts with a whole new audience. Once content submitted, the BizSugar community votes on this content and with the most voted posts making it be placed on the home page. You can check out top BizSugar news on AllTop.


15. Share Your Blog Post Multiple Times:

Only content creation alone can’t drive traffic to your website. That’s where content promotion comes in the picture. Yes, dude! You absolutely need to promote your content multiple times on various channels to get it in front of your target audience. You may use different paid or free SEO tools getting what is trendy right now among your niche.

If you are running an online business, your audience may span time zones around the web. By scheduling your social media content to go out over multiple days and times, you can ensure that more people will see your content.

It takes a long time and effort to create great content, so you should promote your content with a proper strategy because if you’ve got something that was only seen by some people, chances are there are thousands of other people across the web can benefit from your content.

Some Additional Pro Tips:

The internet is a relationship economy – it runs by helping me and helps you formula just like give and take. To promote your content smartly, at first you need to promote other people’s content and build relationships with other people in your niche.

One of the big mistakes that I see many online marketers making is to treat social media platforms like advertising platforms. It is spamming and the ugly truth is that people don’t like spammers. Your content is for your audience, not for you. So give your audience a valid reason to read your blog post.

Yes, Friends! There are many other innovative and untapped ways to promote your blog post. Don’t be afraid to try and experiment something new! Do you have other smart ideas for promoting your blog posts? Please comment below!

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