How to Promote Mobile Applications Without Spending Lots of Money

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How to Promote Mobile Applications Without Spending Lots of Money

How to Promote Mobile Applications Without Spending Lots of Money 1

After completing the application, the developer will begin to face a difficult challenge, namely how to promote the application so that the application can be used by many people. This is because the purpose of making the application is at least one of which is to be used by many people.

The way to make people aware of an application that has been made is by promoting it. After creating an application, an easy step to make an application that has been made easy to find is to upload the application on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or other application stores. But that alone is felt to be not enough to promote applications that have been made.

If you have large funds, you might be able to do promotions through advertising services on television, advertise on billboards, and others. But the best thing that can be done is to make the minimum possible expenditure. Moreover, for developers who do not have large funds to promote their applications.

Here’s how to minimize spending on promoting applications. This is considered sufficient to help developers who want the application to be used by many people.

Maximize Keywords in the Application Store

When an application is made appearing on the application store, the thing to ensure is that the application created can be found by the application store users. Most applications are found by searching so the application name and description of the application must be accurate and very interesting. Find the right keywords for an application that has been created.

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Say the application that you created is named “Art”, and you want to use the word “Art” as one of the key descriptions for your application. Previously, please search for applications with the keyword “Art” in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store app store.

When applications that appear in the first place have a large number of downloads, or have a lot of reviews, for example 500,000 reviews, you might find it difficult to be a competitor of applications that have a lot of reviews.

Look for keywords that have few competitors. So that the possibility of the application that you created will appear on the search. Most people make the mistake of not choosing the right keywords so choose keywords that have too many competitors.

Social networking

The role of social networks is felt to be quite effective in spreading information. This you can use to promote applications that you make. If you share information on social networks about your application, at least people will know about it.

In addition, the simple thing is to ask your family and close friends to download the application that you created and then share it on their respective social networks.

Building a community on social networks can be an alternative in promoting the application that you make. In addition, share the application that you created on social networking groups that have a description or that have themes in accordance with the application that you created.


It is often heard that news can spread quickly by word of mouth. Indeed, nothing can beat talking by facing each other and interacting to do an application demo in front of many people. That will be very helpful in promoting the application that you make.

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Establishing extensive networking provides enormous benefits. For example, if the application you are making is an application about travel, it would be more appropriate for you to gather at an event with a theme of travel so that you can promote your application in the right market. People who feel the need for your application will definitely tell their other friends to use the application.

Reviews from the Website

This can be an effective way to increase the number of downloads for your application. Send a description of your application along with the URL of your application to sites that frequently review applications or to sites that inform technology and applications.

Can also send to your friends’ blogs that already have a significant number of visitors. By seeing news about your application, people will have a reason to download the application that you have made.

For developers who are confused in promoting their applications to get a lot of downloads, maybe you can try some of these ways. The best advice is to advertise through the Froggy Ads ad service while practicing the above method and be patient, because applications rarely become successful overnight.