How to Promote Awareness and Drive Mobile App Downloads Blue Fountain Media

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With greater than 700,000 apps in the app store and 675,000 in the Google Play store, the sheer amount of useful and well designed apps for users to make a choice from has never been bigger. Additionally, audiences have also never been more drawn to exploring and using apps that they’ve got downloaded. 70% of audiences spending a regular of 81 mins a day on apps up 91% from 2010 2011. However, when you are seeking to create an app in the present marketplace, it can be challenging to get users to download what you’re providing. So, how do you readily promote your app to be one of the 48 apps on average on a user’s IPhone or one of the 35 on a user’s Android?In a perfect world, getting people to download your mobile app would be simple just take the time to create a phenomenal app that works flawlessly and people will download it in droves.

However, in the genuine world growing a finely tuned and functional app does not unavoidably mean that it will drive a monstrous amount of downloads and become a household name like Snapchat. Driving app downloads calls for promotion and optimization in order that it is easily available for folk that are seeking for out the content material that the app provides. In order to simply optimize your app to drive more downloads, you need to growth the visibility and rank of your app in the app or Google Play store. A good way to sell your app is by utilizing one of the crucial promotional facets that Google provides on their search and display networks. Utilizing Google’s search network will can help you reach users who’ve expressed intent associated with your app’s facilities or assistance.

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Google’s demonstrate community, on any other hand, may help drive preliminary awareness and reach users who are using or seek identical apps. Interstitials provide spectacular alternatives for mobile app advertising via quite a lot of of the way. First and most appropriate, there’s a one click exit or “download” button current that implies that when users click the ad they will definitely be downloading your app. Another added bonus is that to ensure that a “click through” to rely, users must in reality click the download button on the ad, which means that every time a user clicks your interstitial you’re truly generating a download of your app. Interstitials also will auto populate images, comments and content from the app touchdown page assisting your promotional fabric fit the standard look and feel of the app you have created.

When used as it should be, these aspects come in combination to help interstitials drive a powerful conversion rate when compared to fundamental banners using almost twice as many conversions. Taking the time to make use of one of the vital best paid promotional services that Google has to give can go a long way in opposition t boosting your app’s cognizance and download rates among audiences. While it can seem formidable to spend money to attempt to drive more app downloads, the ROI that paid promoting provides for mobile apps can be extremely high if the correct steps are taken to plot out where you promote and what targeting alternatives are going to arrive the highest percentage of relevant audiences. Have any other tips for promoting your mobile app?Let us know by posting in the comments phase below or tweeting us @BFMweb.