How to Promote an App on Social Media

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Leveraging the ability of influencers can be tips on how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your mobile app. Twitter reports that just about 40% of users have made a purchase at the direct advice of an influencer. If its a star influencer an artist or a famous blogger, you’ll most likely want to pay for being featured. If you reach top industry reporters from Venturebeat, Inc, Buzzfeed etc whose beliefs match your app idea, that you can get featured for free.

Make sure the influencer aligns with your app’s target viewers, or risk purchasing a gaggle of new app users who will absolutely churn. Likes, shares, and feedback — track them to see how many individuals are interacting along with your social media posts and adjust your content method for that reason. Mentions when you have a big viewers — or dream of getting a big audience — use a mention monitoring tool to get notified when people are talking about you. Amplification Rate shows the variety of followers that forward your content material through their community to their subscribers. Take the number of times your content material was shared during your reporting period and divide that number by your total variety of followers or Page Likes. Multiply that number by 100 to get your amplification rate as a percent.

Image Ads: These are the classic ads to inform your app’s story through fantastically crafted imagery. Instagram offers a simple, clean, and creative canvas to make your images stand out. Video Ads: With Instagram’s video ads, that you may share videos of up to 60 seconds long that include a good power of sight, motion, and sound. Carousel Ads: Carousel ads are supposed to add a layer of depth to the traditional Instagram image ads. This ad type allows people to swipe and examine extra images.

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There also is a ‘call to action’ button where people can follow a company or personal online page to learn more. Instagram Stories: These are 24 hour, self destructing videos and photo streams. The format allows to insert a short advertisement among users’ thoughts.