How to Plan a Social Media Engagement Strategy Facebook Linkedin Twitter – Housing Market and Stock Market Forecasts

22 years of adventure as a content researcher, strategist and SEO expert for marketing agencies and his own company. Gord’s investigation into housing markets, stock markets, and AI advertising strategy helps consumers achieve market dominance. Some of Gord’s blog posts have completed half 1,000,000 pageviews with over 7,000 social media shares, revealing Gord Collins particular competencies for constructing reach and impact. Visit the AI Marketing web page for an advent to the AI advertising era.

Artificial Intelligence is lending extra benefit to the power of advertising program that’s editing SEO, Copywriting and Sales. Gord offers a new brand of SEO facilities and to regain his recognition as a number one SEO expert. See his 2nd book which describes the helpful relationship among SEO and Content Strategy. Gord’s ardour is gaining knowledge of algorithms, trends, forecasts, and market facts to set up clients at the end.

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