How to Optimize Your Landing Pages for Google Ads Campaigns

John wants to buy 10 red roses for his girlfriendHe does a search on Google for “buy red roses”He then clicks in your Google adJohn arives for your touchdown page… On your landing page, there are 100 distinct flower types. 99 of those plant life are not red roses. One of them is “red roses”…Unfortunately John, doesn’t have the endurance or time to look at all the goods in your touchdown page, so he leaves. Your bounce rate goes up, this signals to Google, that the user didn’t find, what he was attempting to find, and your Google Ads Quality Score goes down. This was just one example of you giving an excessive amount of.

And if you know a little about “Lean” and “Six Sigma”, you will know, that the 99 products, which weren’t the red roses on your landing page, would be regarded “waste”. What you really need to do is to minimize the quantity of waste for your touchdown page, and provides your visitors precisely what they are searching for, so that they have a stronger chance of reaching their desired end result. Analyze Your Search Terms Report – “The first step in deciding on how to optimize your landing pages for Google Ads is to learn your Search Terms report in your ad account. If you sort your search terms by impressions, you’ll look for trends in the most frequently searched terms that your ads are appearing up for. Your touchdown pages are looking to match your market demand, so you’ll want to create landing pages which are relevant to the trends that you notice.

You may already have applicable landing pages to your website, so you’ll direct users to those pages if that’s the case. However, you might want to create new landing pages should you find search terms which are relevant to your services, but you don’t have a specific, applicable touchdown page for that search. For instance, if you are a common contractor, your customers come to you for a wide variety of tasks. Someone looking for window replacements should go to a landing page about windows, and an individual attempting to find roof repairs should go to a touchdown page about roofs. Businesses get higher Quality Scores and Conversion Rates when they create landing pages that are applicable to a particular area ex.

town,county,state, service ex. criminal protection, company law, family law, or intent ex. discount, 24/hour, free transport. Additionally, you should agree with creating a competitor assessment landing page if you see users are searching for your competitors a lot!That way you’ll persuade them why they need to use you in its place of the brand they are searching for.

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