How to Optimize SEO WordPress To Maximum on Google Search

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How to Optimize SEO WordPress To Maximum on Google Search

How to Optimize SEO WordPress To Maximum on Google Search

Thanks to hosting services, everyone can easily build a website. In addition to choosing a quality cheap hosting service that guarantees the site of Froggyads’s Friends works excellently at all times, many steps are needed so that the Froggyads site is crowded, one of them through SEO optimization. Below, there are some tricks to optimize SEO for WordPress.

Quality content

The trick of optimizing the first WordPress SEO that can be done by cheap hosting users is to create quality, interesting, easy to understand, relevant, and able to answer prospective customer questions. Besides, there is also content regularly to indulge for visitors who are loyal to the information needed by them when opening your site.


The use of keywords is very important because, with keywords, quality content that you have made can be read by more people. By using keywords, your content can be indexed by search engines like Google.

Web design

In order not to make Visitors bored reading your content, make a website as attractive as possible, making it able to work responsively, have a user-friendly layout, and the use of comfortable read fonts. Not forgetting, Create a Froggyads Friends site can be accessed properly using a smartphone, where almost everyone is now opening the site using a mobile device.

One of the things that WordPress is very popular to use by hosting users in Indonesia is an abundant choice of themes, and Froggyads friends can use it to beautify the website page and make it interesting in the eyes of the visitors.


Take advantage of Plugins

On WordPress, there are lots of plugins that can use Froggyads use, including for SEO purposes. To optimize content images, you can use the WordPress Seo Friendly Image plugin. Meanwhile, there are also popular plugins such as WordPress SEO Yoast and All In One SEO plugins to increase SEO on your WordPress in another way.


Sitemap and Permalink.

The next step is to create a sitemap.xml file and input (Enter/register) this file into Bing MasterTool or Google Webmaster Tools so that your website goes into the search engine. Then, also make an SEO-friendly permalink, change the permalink so that it becomes a beautiful and preferred URL by search engines.

Social media

Utilizing social media into the last trick you can do to optimize SEO WordPress. Social media is different from SEO, however socio-media influences every SEO action we do.

Every time you update the latest content on your website, you can promote it through social media, and you can also add social share plugins into the site to make it easier for users who also want to share your interesting articles with many people.

Users hosting Indonesia, you can do the above steps to increase SEO on the WordPress website. In addition to carrying out the trick above so that Froggyads’s best friend sites are visited, keep using quality cheap hosting services that can support all the needs of Froggyads Friends in managing websites, ok!

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