How to monetize your app Developing your strategy Adjust

Offering your users opportunities to make in app purchases is a great way to monetize your app. If your product is free, like 95% of all Google Play Store choices, in app purchases offer an unobtrusive monetization method that can boost the user event. Take mobile gaming phenomenon Pokemon GO, for example. The app’s in game shop allows users to purchase Premium Items using PokéCoins.

“Trainers” that continually use the app can earn up to 50 PokéCoins per day or they’re able to acquire PokéCoins using real money through the user’s favorite app store. According to Pocket Gamer, Niantic’s Pokemon Go made over $2 billion through in app purchases within two years of the app’s launch. There are three sorts of ad income: Cost per Thousand Impressions CPM, Cost per Click CPC and Cost per Action CPA. To avoid common pitfalls you also wish to ask important questions before working in app ads. For example, ads that don’t align together with your brand can damage your acceptance.

Slow, inefficient ads can ruin the user event, frustrate your users and fail to deliver enough conversion rates for the advertiser. However, 78% of clients will fortunately accept mobile commercials that is applicable to their interests, so these pitfalls are avoidable by providing the right codecs and working with applicable advertisers.