How to monetize push users effectively?

Push notifications ads are getting the maximum demanded stock for advertisers in a variety of verticals due to level of engagement got from loyal push users, useful advertisers are in a position to engage push users with enticing ad creatives including a big banner image 360px over 240px, a square image 350x350px and a long title and outline text which essentially promotes their message. Advertisers also bid mostly on CPC making certain engagement and performance for their ad sales. Publishers monetizing their websites and apps are also catching on, and currently, as it kind of feels, are well behind advertisers’ demand. Publishers eCPM rates for push notification users are higher than the industry average for banner and pa ad placements. The demand from online advertisers is presently high mainly in T1 nations, so bids can be lower, but common fill rates of push notification users are high worldwidePublishers looking for exchange ways to monetize their online page may find push notification as a great way to earn more on their current stock.

Push notifications ads do not take any ‘real estate’ out of your web page, no pixels are ‘shoved down’ or spared due to push taking its place. Push notification ads are integrated with an easy tag and . js carrier employees that engages users with a small pop asking them for his or her opt in to receive ads. Once a user is attributed to a single writer account and placement, the publisher may decide to earn an entire life earnings on ad earnings generated by that user or earn a one time ‘conversion’ rate for that user’s opt in.

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