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It’s quite common thought that if you sell traffic to several advertisements networks, the prospect to get malware increases therefore, while detecting the source of the malicious application turns into much harder. This is a deep fable, that’s very simple to refute with simple mathematics. Each advertising network contains a whole bunch and even thousands of offers. Let’s assume that small part of offers consists of hidden malicious courses.

With the growth of the number of companions, the number of offers with malware is expanding, however the total number of offers may be increasing, so their percentage continues to be roughly unchanged. Meanwhile, it’s almost not possible to find manually the source of malware among a huge variety of narrowly focused campaigns. It doesn’t matter what number of will give you have, 1000, 5000 or 10. 000, chances to determine attacker approach to zero. You ought to be a clairvoyant to manually find an epidemic that seems, for instance, only for target “Mexico + android + Movistar issuer”.

Of course, you can purchase all kinds of instruments, use dozens of proxy servers and check out to examine every thing, but it’s a huge waste of time and money while the effectiveness is akin to spraying one arm with a repellent and hoping mosquitos not to notice anything of your body. First of all, we want to draw your attention to the proven fact that if you figure, as you used to, with only one network, half of your income goes to the agency that can’t efficaciously sell your traffic. The thing is no single ad network is in a position to offer a good price for a wide range of focused on, for instance, for Russia, Brazil, and America at an identical time. And although it able, it’s not gonna last for long. Secondly, if you’re drawn to traffic arbitrage, special statistics and automatization of actions on its basis is indispensable, and here is a task that can not be successfully solved manually. Finally, to use mediation provider you don’t must pay for it with cash, which you could just exchange a small percent of your site visitors for it.

And now just remind your self, how often do you replace the code of one ad network to every other manually?How long does it take?How repeatedly cache was not updated or did you make a mistake while modifying the site template?Has it ever came about that a right away advertiser came to you and wanted to buy a narrow segment of your traffic, but as a result of a lack of technical capability, you missed a ecocnomic idea or rushed to write code, stealing time from other important tasks?If you radically do not want to use the services of mediation and ads control, we put forward you at least to use a tag supervisor, which now are very common.