How to master social commerce in Adjust

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According to a study by influencer advertising agency Mediakix, the common person will spend more than five years in their life on social media. Moreover, the time users spend on social media apps reminiscent of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest remains to be rising. This widespread adoption of social media as a part of our daily hobbies is superb news for dealers. With social trade, there are a few opportunities to streamline the user funnel, boost sales and improve the user event. In this guide, we’ll outline what social commerce is and how it can help you obtain your most formidable objectives for 2020.

Instagram also offers the option to make Stories shoppable by tagging products or using the “swipe up” experience. A Facebook survey showed that Instagram users frequently view stories to remain contemporary with their favorite brands because they give an insider view of products of interest and learn about new products. Approved businesses that experience access to Instagram shopping can add one product sticker to a narrative. This means that if a user taps on the decal, they’re going to go directly to the product page for that item. That product page will show a link on your mobile site to complete the purchase as well as associated product pages and similar items.

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