How to Market a Product Online With Online Marketing

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How to Market a Product Online With Online Marketing

The work of an entrepreneur doesn’t end as soon as he brings out a product. He should also make sure that the product reaches the targeted customers. So he has to market the product in such a way that it reaches potential customers.

The toughest phase in the minds of entrepreneurs is said to be marketing and the toughest question that arises into the minds of entrepreneurs is ‘how to market the product’. This article helps to ease your mind a bit by guiding you to this toughest topic.

In simple words, marketing is the creation of a market for the product. It is used to identify, satisfy
and retain a customer.

Before the advent of the Internet and its widespread use, marketing was classified into print, verbal
, etc. But now it is classified into online and offline marketing. Online marketing is marketing with the use of the internet, and offline marketing is marketing without the use of it. With the increasing user base of the internet, marketing has found new prominence in the internet era.
Companies started marketing their products on the internet and it gave wonderful results. The
wide reach, cost-effective and tremendous results of online marketing made it an irresistible

How do some companies make the best of marketing whereas some fail? There are a few golden rules that you should follow while making a marketing strategy. These rules apply irrespective of
the mode [online, offline] and method [Oral, print, etc].

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Let us take an example of how Apple Inc. effectively uses marketing to go through these rules.

  1. Planning ahead. Plan your marketing strategy ahead. This gives you a clear understanding of the whole process and will also give you an added advantage to be foolproof.
  2. Be product and people-oriented. Marketing is a product and people-oriented. To make your marketing effective you can’t ignore either. You should give equal importance to your product and your potential customers as well. Apple does this. It gives equal importance to both its product and the intended users.
  3. Why should a customer buy this product? The same question rings in the minds of customers.
    Answer that question through your marketing. Help them understand your product and the benefits of choosing you over others. Apple makes sure that product description and its
    highlights are part of every marketing campaign.
  4. Be creative. Most of us remember the advertisement released by apple marketing its
    Macintosh in the 80s. That was an instant success. Being creative always gives an added advantage to the product. With many competitors out there in the market, unless you bring out your creative mind to work, it will be tough. ​
  5. Reflect on the quality of your product in your advertisement. Cheap advertisement can never add customer base to your company. Quality work alone will give you quality results.
  6. Do-not leaves a customer as soon as the sale is done. Retain him. After-sales support, and prompt service will give a smile to his face. He in-return will bring you, customers.
  7. Remember that marketing not only involves creating a customer but also involves retaining him by satisfying him. A satisfied customer will keep coming back to you.
    Hope this article on how to market a product Offline and online helps you in designing an effective marketing campaign and to reap gold.
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