How to make your customer service live chat make money

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How to make your customer service live chat make money

How to make your customer service live chat make money

How to make your customer service live chat make money

Today, the business competition runs very tightly, there are always challenges and new problems that must be faced by business people. You need to know whatever is a very important aspect of this past period for the development of your business.

What is always a challenge in business from time to time? Customer satisfaction is the answer.

This is why you need to read more articles that we make the following. Customer satisfaction will greatly affect the development of your business.

Satisfied customers to your product or service will increase your sales and even increase your brand value.

Discuss the matter of customer satisfaction, we often hear the slogan “customer is king”. But not all companies or business people agree on this. We advise you to review the needs and desires of customers smarter and wisely.

Compared to treat your customers as kings, we advise you to treat them like your own family members, part of your company. To make them feel involved and become part of your company, you certainly can’t make them feel low or use the money.

You need to add value to them, what benefits they can also have from your company. Is it material like a gift of merchandise? Or an understanding or attention from you for them?

Amazon and Apple are examples of corporates that can be said to understand who their customers and what their customers need. They provide the best customer service that continues to be upgraded from time to time.

You must have a business competitor. How good your customer service can be an added or more value that can beat the level of sales and the value of your competitor’s brand.

Often hear complaints or rumors about the company or corporate services that are bad services for customers? Why is it a lot or often you hear it? This is due to the social theory of rumors.

Rumors are very fast spread. Rumors are bad news about someone or something that cannot be verified by the truth and accuracy, spread from one person to another in a short time.

Warren Buffet, an entrepreneur successfully said, “It takes at least 20 years to build a reputation and just 5 minutes to destroy it”. So if you reflect on those words, you get a boost to do different things in doing business and handle your customers.

Good, so customer satisfaction is a challenge that is still faced by all business people from time to time. Then what is the different client character in the past with the past?

The digital era raises new specific characters to existing business customers. They want everything to be easy and fast. They want obstacles faced related to products or services immediately handled and resolved. They also want transparency.

This is the main reason we emphasize the importance of providing live chat for your prospective clients and customers.

Live Chat is a professional message service online and live where customers can ask something or complain about a product related to the product and the existing service from a company.

Through this live chat, you can answer various customer questions quickly and accurately. You can also report the handling of the obstacles you are doing for them.

This is a customer service channel that is very important to be provided in the current digital era, as we mentioned before. If you want your business seriously considered by prospective customers today, providing a Live Chat is a must.

There are various channels that can be combined with your Live Chat service. Some of them are by email or telephone.

Live Chat To Increase Conversion Rate

Live chat can actually be one strategy or way to increase your Conversion Rate. How clear? Check out our following discussion!

In the past, businesses or companies used advertising services to direct potential customers to telephone numbers listed. So customers will interact with Salesperson from your company. This is in the era before the internet develops and affects the business market.

Now, anyone who is buyers who want to review your brand and consider whether they will buy a product or rent your services, will come first to your website.

So, this is the door to your business success, this is why your website becomes very important to note. Related to live chat app, on your website here you need to provide the platform.

With the Live Chat, your engangement with customers increases. In addition, a statistical data shows that a third of visitors who interact with you through live chat can be converted into leaders for your e-commerce.

They can be leaders who take the initiative to invite many other potential clients to your website, more precisely to your brand. There is a possibility that the increase in conversion rate is 5% that occur.

How to set-up live chat

Here we will give things you should pay attention to the setting-up live chat:

Get to know who your customers are for the effectiveness of chat

We will make it easier for you to identify who your customers are for the lives of the live chat you want to develop. We make some questions you need to answer. The results of the answer you can manage yourself for your Live Chat needs later. Here is a list of questions:

  • Where are most of your best customers come or come from?
  • Where do most customers relatively your time-waster originated?
  • How is your best customer start a conversation?
  • How do the time-waster started a conversation on your Live Chat?
  • Page where on your site are the most visited of your best customers?
  • Page on your site the most frequently visited by time-wasters?

By answering the questions above based on your observations and analyzing your data, you can find out what visitors need to be prioritized to be responded to on live chat and which ones don’t.

In addition, more specifically, you can find out how best to deal with time-waster, whether by directing them on content on your blog or directly giving them out for them in acceptable ways.

Page selection

After recognizing who your customers are, try to think about the page where you want to put your Live Chat platform. Some live chat platform requires you to install it on all pages on your website. This is actually aiming for your clients who are chat not disconnected when accessing other pages.

Proactive greetings

For your chat pop-up, make an automatic greeting or greetings that seem friendly and invite people to interact through your live chat. This feature is suitable for use because it can be a trigger for people to send messages on your online chat platform. Good chat platform allows you as a user to modify the opening or greetings message.

SaaS vs Lead vs. Support

Adjust the application of your chat platform with existing corporate needs. Next we share it according to the three set-ups that exist:

  • SaaS set-up

In this setting, you can first answer the general questions that come from visitors. Then ask for a name, telephone number or email, and tell the visitor that you will immediately divert them on the experts to continue contacting them.

Next, you can direct visitors to the sign-up link and advise them to register. Finally, send details that have been obtained on your Marketing or Sales team to be directed to CTA.

  • Lead Generation Set-up

You can create a FAQ system provided side by side with your chat platform column (sort of dock). This can help your customer service answer questions faster. Then don’t be afraid to take control of the conversation that goes on and dig on information or information from your customer.

  • Customer Support Set-up

This is a traditional way, which is by fully diverting your customer’s conversation to someone commonly referred to as a customer service. This method is usually favored by visitors, because it is truly more personal. But you can combine it with a few set-ups above so that the function runs more optimally.

Tips for Handling Clients on Live Chat effectively

A study by Kayako shows that 79% of businesses recognize that offering live chat features on their website have a positive effect on sales, profit, and customer loyalty.

The same study also shows that 38% of consumers will be more likely to buy from a website that offers a live chart support. In addition, 51% of consumers will tend to buy again from the same website if they offer a live chat support feature.

What makes Live Chat help conversion rates? Some conclude that live chat is the only chance for interactions between humans when someone shopping online. Live chat helps answer questions that consumers may have and convince them to buy from the website.

John Holland and Young Team in their book, Rethinking The Sales Cycle, found that a doubt is emotion that most often appears in the final stages of the purchase cycle. Unfortunately, it is difficult to help customers or consumers at this stage when they can only see computer screens.

This is where Live Chat can help you. Live Chat allows your customer service to calm your customers by convincing customers about the products they will buy. Of course this will greatly help your business.

Live Chat Support services indeed depend on the customer service skills that your team has. But there are some things you need to pay attention to and do so that your live chat features can be executed more effectively.

Here are some tips that can help you provide satisfying Live Chat Support services.

Make Live Chat More Effectively

After the live chat can be installed, of course there are other things that need to be considered, namely creating a live chat to be more effective, follow the following ways:

  • Give Customer Transcript Live Chat

After the customer finished chat with your customer support, they might want to save some important details or information. But sometimes people don’t keep the details of a chat. You can offer to send your customers a Live Chat transcript via email.

  • Make an automatic message to welcome customers

Of course you have to greet customers in Live Chat politely and professionally. But sometimes it takes time for your customer support to type this standard message from time to time. You can help them by creating an automatic message. Make an automatic message with polite, professional, and certainly according to your brand.

  • Use the targeted proactive chat

Visitors and website customers may not be possible to start a conversation, so you have to be proactive in identifying individuals who might need help.

Maybe some customers will refuse to use live chat, but offer and notify customers that your website has a live chat feature to help them can make customers feel that you are ready to help anytime.

What to remember is to make sure that they have browse your website for a few moments before you greet them through the Live Chat feature.

  • Use a pre-chat survey

When customers start live chat sessions, they can provide some preliminary information such as the name and description of what they need. With this, your customer support can then get into the conversation and be ready to answer questions from the customer.

The Pre-chat survey can also help you to direct the customer to the customer support that best understands the problems faced.

But also remember not to ask too many questions so that your customers don’t feel disturbed.

  • Cooperation between departments

Customer Support You must understand all the products and services offered by your business. This will help them to provide a deeper explanation to customers – both as a support or Salesperson. Support that understands your products or services well can not only help customers choose products but also convince them to buy them.

  • Use the ‘Typing’ indicator

It’s good if your support can see that your customers are typing their questions. This will help your support in order to respond faster.

In addition, you must also install notifications so that your support knows when they receive messages from customers. This notifications must be heard, visible, or both and can be used to ‘disrupt’ your support so that they know that there are customers waiting for answers.

Keep in mind that your support is likely to have some customers waiting for their response at the same time. They used to handle some conversations at once, so whatever you can do to help them multitask will help.

  • Use Chat Transfer

Most likely there are still some things that every support you might not understand. Every support you might have different skills. If there is a support that happens to be handling clients with problems that are not in accordance with their expertise, he must be able to transfer the chat as soon as possible to support that has a deeper understanding of the problem.

If this happens, make sure that the customer knows the transfer. To facilitate this process, also make sure that every support you have a list of support and what their expertise is so that they can send the chat to the right person.

  • Accept Chat Requiry automatically

Customers should not wait long until there is support that responds to their message. If there is a customer who starts a conversation, the system should immediately accept the chat request automatically and tells the customer that there will be a support to respond.

The recommended response time is less than 10 seconds. The only way to convince that they will get a quick response is to accept all chat automatically.

Before there is a support that handles, you can use the waiting time to do a pre-chat survey and tell them that one of your support will immediately handle their problems.

  • Check Chat History for Customers Live Chat Features

In order for your support to understand more by reviewing the previous chat with the same customer. This allows agents to help solve problems that have been discussed by previous customers more quickly, and to proactively follow up on questions. Customers will appreciate the fact that they do not need to repeat the previous problem to the newly assigned support.

  • Add the chat button in the email

Adding the chat button in your email will help because your customers can quickly contact you if they have questions related to the email you send. Email here can be a newsletters or a response to a question or complaint.

Make sure that your marketing team knows how to include a chat button in an email and let out your support team that they might get questions about things related to the contents of the email sent.

  • Integrate your Live Chat with your other CRM tool

Your chat agent must have access to your Customer Sales Records. This allows them to update CRM records after chat sessions. It also allows your chat agent to get an additional perspective into every customer history, if the history has appeared in your CRM tool. However, all contacts with customers (or potential customers) must be recorded for reference later on.

  • Issue a personal chat invitation

This is similar to the proactive chat, which is identified at number three points above, but different in his personal nature. Instead of just providing automatic messages, more personal messages can be much more interesting, actually offering names and images of chat agents who are willing to help.

Some companies have found a ratio of 3: 1 over people who are willing to chat when offering a private invitation through standard automatic offers.

  • Upsell and cross-sell techniques

Your support team should understand the upsell and cross-sell sales techniques. Basically, up-sell is where customers are convinced to buy a more advanced product version than the product that he will initially buy.

Meanwhile, Cross-sell occurs where someone is convinced to buy accessories or complementary to the initial product. For example, when buying a digital camera, remind customers that they will need some additional memory cards if they run out of memory before you can upload photos.

Give your support team training about these two techniques so that they can know when they can offer it to customers.

  • Place Chat Button in a strategic place

All product pages you must display the Live Chat button in a consistent location. Customers must know where to go if they need help. In general, Live Chat is usually located in the lower right corner of each page.

Some more sophisticated sites put this button in the position of “slide-out” animation along the left or right margin.

Make a setting with your website designer to provide chat buttons in a strategic place and make sure that this feature will appear on every page of your website.

  • Provide online support 24/7

Providing 24/7 online support can increase customer trust to your business. 24/7 Support can be proof of your commitment to be able to help and provide full support for your customers at any time.

Live Chat 24/7 also helps for your communication pathways and customers to be more effective. Customers can quickly contact you and vice versa, you can quickly respond customer questions and solve problems they might face.

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