How to make your android application easily

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How to make your android application easily

How to make your android application easily

Since being developed by Andy Rubin in 2003, the Android operating system continues to dominate mobile devices in the world.

Based on the ‘Global Stashot: Digital in Q3 2017’ report as reported by Katadata said there was around 72.9 percent of mobile devices using Android as the information system. No wonder companies and individuals use a lot in making applications.

So, how do you make your Android application easily? You can listen to the following reviews.

Specify you want to make an Android application like what

Before creating an Android application, you need to determine first what the application is created.

For example, only for companies, online buying and selling sites, and so on. The purpose of making this application is to bring the brand closer to consumers is one of them. Then for the online buying and selling sites is to make it easier in transactions and so on.

In making a few Android applications that need to be considered is the ease in use, an interesting display, and can be used in various platforms. You also have to highlight what advantages of your Android application with other similar applications.

Choose the right software

Steps to create the next Android application after you consider what the Android application is to choose the application software. How to make an Android application sometimes takes complicated coding. However, now there is also special software to create an Android application itself without using complicated coding.

Software is usually free and paid. Advantages When you use paid software, the profit will be greater because you can get money from this application. Some examples of software that you can choose include Shoutem, Appears, Mobile Roadie, The App Builder, and AppMakr.

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Don’t forget to pay attention to the features in the software for your Android application needs.

Start to design the application

How to make the easiest Android application usually using the best software. We just take just an example of Shoutem.

To get into the software you need to log in by entering the email address and password. After entering, you can choose what application you want for example business, music, radio, and so on. Then, you can choose what application themes are interesting and appropriate.

You can also add photos or pictures that are suitable but with large size.

Next, you can add functions or activities to the application. This function will appear as a new screen in the application. After that adjust the display with the text and content. For example, you will link blogs in filling RSS with the latest shipment. Also, note the layout for each function.

You can make the advantages of Shoutem if you want to publish an Android application that you have made to the iPhone. If it is approved, your application will appear in the AppStore service if it is following Apple’s policies and regulations issued. As for Google play a little easier.

Do trials

The final step of how to make an Android application is conducting a trial. After you have finished making the design of your Android application, then it should be a trial first. For that, you need to download the APK file to the device and set it. The aim is to find out a bug or not in your Android application.

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Conducting this trial is not enough to be done once twice. You need to do it several times to ensure the Android application is feasible to use, please also if your Android application has an accurate sign. Why is that? This is to make it easier for users to search in search engines.

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