How to make quality content and facts about SEO

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How to make quality content and facts about SEO

How to make quality content and facts about SEO

This time we will discuss how to make quality content and how the world of SEO is constantly changing. We will also learn to change your website to produce a better user experience (user experience).

The big theme in this post is indeed about user experience, namely your website reader. However, not only that. We will also discuss some facts about SEO. Well, it’s too long the SEO often is considered a way of manipulating search engines.

Even though we know, the website itself has experienced development. At the same time, the expectations of people towards search engines also experienced development. They, users, began to expect accurate results when searching the internet.

So, what is the quality content? Here’s the points:

Unique content

It is realized or not, when someone searches, there is a motivation or certain purpose behind it. Then it’s our assignment to meet their needs. We must make unique content, different content from all over the web in the world.

Make unique content is not as easy as taking information from other sites or Wikipedia and just write it down. Search engines are so fast and smart. The content imitated just from other sites will only be considered a quote from the original page.

Have you ever realized why lately Wikipedia often appeared on the first page of search results? It was because of the many content taken just like that from Wikipedia made Google think that Wikipalah was the authority of the original content and deserved to be on the first page of the search.

This is what often becomes a challenge for us when creating unique content: simple and better content than those on Wikipedia.

“Clean” website

Today, SEO demands us to think more advanced. We cannot just take or imitate the content of others. That’s why our content must be clean of all shapes of plagiarism or too much duplication.

Apart from content, we also have to re-check each code, HTML / CMS, and tag on the website correctly. We must find the characteristics of our content, products, and business to be truly unique.

Search engines have billions of times fighting all the nonsense about tricks and tactics. What is clear, they are getting smarter and will be wiser in the coming years. So, it’s our assignment to work with them by creating quality, clean, and website content that is user-friendly.

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Easy to Use / User Friendly

Our website must be accessible to readers whenever, anywhere, and in any way. If we want our business or website to lure readers, then we must show that we are the best.

We can fulfill all their expectations by creating quality, unique and original content. Because SEO considers various assessments, then what is meant by unique content can be in the form of text, images, videos, or content on social media.

Enchanting the reader

To be able to lure readers, make content that makes readers feel involved, make them feel part of the content we write. There is no such thing, “Hey, we’re the best. So, please fill in the contact form and we will contact you. “

The internet has become a kind of second human need. Internet users are getting smarter and memorized well with old techniques. People expect the best answer from Google Search. That’s why Google tries to give the best answer in every search.

Hard work

When you read this, make unique content and SEO does sound simple. However, in practice, it still requires hard work. That causes people to move away from SEO and prefer to use the services of others to deal with SEO.

Do it right

Dealing with search engine algorithms is hard work. Looking for the latest tricks and tactics is more difficult work.

But don’t first be discouraged, if we do this correctly from the beginning, we don’t need to do a lot of improvement. Or if we have made repairs, start again correctly.


When building a page or website, or when developing existing sites, make it possible. The same thing applies to content and other things beyond that.

Think about what if someone (or search engine) finds your website to change drastically from before. Suddenly, your website was mediocre so had a lot of content, videos, and miraculously had hundreds of thousands or millions of followers on social media.

Possibilities, people (or search engines) will feel surprised. The change in your website that looks unnatural it will cause them to not believe again and raise the “red flag”. They may no longer visit your website.

Systematic and organized

To make natural, do everything systematically and organized. This way, readers and search engines will assume that your website is operated by the Betulants and do a real SEO technique, not operated by robots or machines.

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As a result, your website will get the trust of the reader and be given a “reward” in the form of a better ranking by search engines.

Don’t believe myth

We are sure that you’ve heard and read thousands of things about SEO. SEO cannot be done or repaired in just one night. No one is an expert or agency out there that can just swing the stick and handle all Google problems and search engines in the blink of an eye. The most expert in the field of SEO must also carry out the same and gradual techniques regarding SEO and content.

Don’t be willing to be fooled by those who say that they can make your website on the first page of search engines in a short time. Also don’t believe in those who say being able to make special content that others cannot be made.

Do it by yourself

SEO is not just about the method to place your website on the first page of the search. SEO is an adventure. SEO is art and science. Now, SEO can even say about psychology. That’s why we suggest that you do this “adventure” yourself, not just submit it to others.

Yes, you determine the “destiny” of your website in the online world, but don’t forget to keep following the rules. The rules we discussed before this, about quality content, about user friendly, and others, actually never changed since before.

When you decide to speed up SEO with non-natural techniques, your website will bear the consequences. Conversely, if you keep following the rules and focusing on the ease of the user or reader, then the website you manage will get a commensurate reward.


Regardless of the points we discussed above, we want to remind you that this post is not about everything. Try new things with your website. Adherence courses, training, seminars, or join forums that discuss SEO so that your knowledge continues to grow.

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