How to make profitable campaigns with PUSH notification traffic

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PUSH notification AD format has been gaining lot’s of traction lately among associates from around the globe, getting used across varied verticals and niches. Once a user grants this permission, it’s possible to send them push notification at every time of the day, as often as you adore… despite even if they are searching the location they agreed to get pushes from or not. Obviously, they could still revoke the permission at each time, so it’s wise to not abuse the system and keep the quantity of pushes at an affordable rate. Annoy the users to much and they will “unsubscribe”. The screen below shows what a push notification message in fact feels like, both on a desktop device or mobile phone.

If you want to start working with this AD format, you have got essentially two options. You can start amassing the permissions to send out push notifications your self … for example to your own online page, for your touchdown pages that you just send site visitors to etc … OR you could start buying push traffic from a site visitors community that already has their own user base. The first option takes time and additional effort, the second one can deliver effects immediately … and today, I’m gonna tell you how to just do that. Couple weeks ago, I was contacted by Sergey Konrad, the pinnacle of marketing of such a community called MEGAPU. Sergey: Hi Matej!It’s my greatest exhilaration to get to grasp you for my part. Thank you for the chance to tell your readers about our platform.

Briefly communicating, Megapu. sh is the first commercials network of push notifications. The platform was created in 2017 in Armenia and was tested privately until it became publicly available in 2018. The network allows supplying native advertisements in the sort of push notifications at once to the user’s device from in every single place the realm. It is among the most leading edge and constructive ways of advertising products on the Internet. Sergey: I do not think it really is the reason.

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As far as I know, not long ago each person amassed push site visitors or in app site visitors by themselves. We are the first ones who created an advertising community of push site visitors, which now generates greater than 29 million clicks day by day around the world. In addition, recognition can be attributed to the starting to be banner blindness that push traffic overcomes simply. 1. Mobile orientation I would even suggest specializing in android2.

Focus more on the “title” in preference to on the “description”. 3. More campaigns and more creatives!The creative advent process is not challenging and it’s better to create more, as a result of not them all will pass the moderation stage. For example, create 50 campaigns and test them all, by atmosphere a minimal bid and limiting the daily budget. Do not depend upon just one crusade. 4.

Do not just send notifications to the “closest” countries. Focus on a small icon, not on a large image. Next step was to create a crusade, which is reasonably easy with Megapu. sh … there are no deep concentrated on options to use, so I just designated the GEO and device … there are more options needless to say, but for the sake of the initial test, I didn’t want to target the rest. But for the future, on top of GEO and device, you also can target ISP, browser, working system or use IP ranges. You also can select the feeds to buy from, that are in reality various channels megapu.

sh gets site visitors from this is the other networks and companions Sergey mentioned in the answers. First of all, note that there was a very high discrepancy between what number of clicks I was billed for and how many voluum recorded … There is particular timezone change, but still, voluum showed multiples of what megapush billed for. Hard to say what caused this, it could have been some BOTs that megapush identified and didn’t charge for… or even it’s normal with this type of traffic, don’t have an answer for this yet. But I don’t care about it to much either, since what matter is the ROI and that looked pretty solid. I kept an identical bids virtually, just tried some with a cent less, but the volume went down that way. When trying out new ads on the platform, don’t forget to pass some token to your tracker, so you recognize what ad carried out the coolest.

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Since it’s always 1 ad per campaign, you could use their crusade id token : . I left it working till the test budget ran out, optimizing on the style … pausing some LP’s on the manner and in addition adding some new offers in the mix. Once I spent about $190, I paused the crusade to analyze what came about. Based on my tests, PUSH notifications are an excellent option for brand new associates, the site visitors is very cheap and accessible in solid volumes and it converts especially well. Keep an eye on the great though, PUSH is lower quality site visitors type by it’s nature, so be sure you talk together with your associate managers FREQUENTLY!Do not scale to fast and never without the permission of your affiliate supervisor. In case you are looking to give it a go, feel free to start testing with Megapu.

sh and signup on their site : The volumes they have got accessible in TIER 2 or TIER 3 GEOs are tempting, and that’s precisely the right playground for newer affiliates … but as you have got seen, it’s also possible to attack the more constructed GEOs if you have solid offers available, like I did.